30 Gold Smugglers Mysteriously Vanish In Thin Air From Custody Of Customs Authorities From Lucknow Airport

The incident has thrown the entire security system at Lucknow Airport in a tizzy

In what could be termed as a shocker of a news, which has come to light from Chaudhary Charan Singh International Airport, Lucknow Airport, 30 smugglers who had boarded a flight from Sharjah and landed in Lucknow, were apprehended by the Customs Authorities with unaccounted/smuggled gold worth about Rs. Four Crores.

Customs officials had detained all these 30 passengers on Tuesday. But within a few hours, all 30 smugglers mysteriously escaped from under the nose of Customs Authorities, with no trace left.

When the matter came to light, after a long time, this information was passed on to Lucknow Police. But till this time, all the smugglers had vanished in thin air. Till mow, no official statement has been given by the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) or the Custom Department in this serious matter.

Generally, in such cases, CBI investigation and vigilance investigation are also done, but till now no action has been taken against any officer or employee. Lucknow Police says that after receiving the information, they are collecting information about the identified smugglers. The involvement of an insider behind this incident, cannot be overruled.

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