41 Ordnance Factories Go On Indefinitive Strike Against Corporatization

The three recognized Federations of the Defence Civilian Employees AIDEF, INDWF and BPMS in a meeting held today (20.06.2021) have taken a decision to vehemently oppose and fight back against the decision of the Modi Government to corporatize the Ordnance Factories. In their Joint Circular they have stated that they will communicate their decision to the Government on 23.06.2021 and issue strike notice on 01.07.2021 commencing the Indefinite Strike from 19.07.2021. www.indianpsu.com have accessed a copy of the Joint Circular dated 20.06.2021 issued by AIDEF, INDWF and BPMS, the contents of the Joint Circular is reproduced here for the information of our viewers of www.indianpsu.com –

AIDEF, INDWF & BPMS unanimously resolves to unitedly fight back against the autocratic  decision taken by the Government to break the Ordnance Factories in to 7 Corporations and to revive the deferred indefinite strike ! 


Decisions taken in the joint meeting of AIDEF, INDWF & BPMS held today through Video Conference. 
A meeting of the senior leaders of the three Federations was held today through VC to discuss about the autocratic and arbitrary decision taken by the present Government at centre to break the Ordnance Factory Board in to 7 pieces i.e. converting the 41 Ordnance Factories in to 7 Corporations. The following were present in the meeting.

1) S.N.Pathak, President, AIDEF
2) C.Srikumar, General Secretary, AIDEF
3) Ashok Singh, President, INDWF
4) R. Srinivasan, General Secretary, INDWF
5) Sadhu Singh, Vice President, BPMS
6) Mukesh Singh, General Secretary, BPMS

The meeting took a very serious note of the manner in which the Government has dismantled the Ordnance Factories and sabotaged the future of the committed work force of the Ordnance Factories. The meeting also expressed its serious concern about the following violations by the Government.

1) All the previous written assurances and commitment given to the Federations that Ordnance Factories would not be Corporatised has been violated.

2) The assurance given in the conciliation settlement by the JS(LS) representing the DDP that a meeting would be arranged with the EGoM to enable the Federations to place their disputes with regard to Corporatisation has been violated, since no meeting has been arranged with the Federations. 

3) While the Federations are sincerely and honestly implemented the conciliation settlement reached on 09/10/2020, the employer DDP has made series of violation of the settlement and also Sec.33(1) (A) of the ID Act 1947. Several times the violations we have pointed out to the DDP and also to the CLC(C) but there was no fruitful outcome. Finally the joint complaint made by the Federations on 31/03/2021 was also not acted upon by the CLC(C), which has established his biasness and partisan attitude towards the employees.

4) In the absence of the three major Federations, the CLC(C) in a hurried and hasty manner concluded the conciliation proceedings and failure report was recorded on 15/06/2021, which enabled the Cabinet to takes its arbitrary decision. 

5) The viable, alternative and robust proposals given by the Federations as desired by the Secretary(DP) to continue the Ordnance Factories as a Government organisations has been thrown to the dustbin and no cognisance has been given to the proposals submitted by the Federations, which has exposed the biasness of the Government towards Ordnance Factories.
After taking a serious note of the above issues and to save the Ordnance Factories from liquidation and to protect the interest of the employees with regard to all their service matters as Central Government employees/Defence Civilian employees, the following unanimous decisions were taken – 

a) To explore the possibility of legal actions in consultation with senior Lawyers.
b) Since the conciliation process has been concluded by the CLC(C), in accordance with the Provisions of the ID Act 1947, after 7 days we can restore the strike action, it has been decided to serve the strike notice for indefinite strike on 01/07/2021 and to commence the indefinite strike from 19/07/2021, so that the minimum required 14 days notice is there and we also get sufficient time for preparations. 
c) The decision of the commencement of the indefinite strike will be informed to the Government on 23/06/2021. In the meantime the Federations will have the meeting of their respective executive committee and inform the joint decision to them through Video conference within this 3 days. 
d) Joint letter to be issued to the CDRA, its affiliated Organisation of Ordnance Factories, JWM Associations, IOFS Association and also the NPDEF and AIBDEF for extending full support and to participate in all our action programme including indefinite strike to save the Ordnance Factories and its entire workforce from this dangerous decision of breaking the Ordnance Factories in to 7 Corporations. 

The Federations calls upon the employees of the Ordnance Factories to understand the serious implications of the Government decision to splinter the Ordnance Factories in to 7 Corporations, on the existence and survival of majority of the Ordnance Factories and also the serious repercussions on their service matters, job security, wage protection, Terminal benefits etc., and be prepared to fight back with unity and to fully participate in the indefinite strike, so that the Government come forward to settle the charter of demands which we have submitted with our strike notice dated 04/08/2020.

All the affiliated Unions and the Factory Level JAC are requested to approach the affiliates of CDRA, JWM Association and request them to support and join all our action programmes including their participation in the Indefinite Strike.

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