A one day Seminar on “Developments in SAP- INTERNAL AUDIT PERSPECTIVE” At RINL

Seminar conducted by Internal Audit & Stock Verification (IA&SV) Department of RINL

The session was inaugurated by Shri V. V. Venugopal Rao, Director (Finance), RINL, where he addressed the executives mentioning the need of continuous learning and improvement in technical aspect in the field of audit. He also emphasized to abreast with the latest changes which are happening in the fields of GST and tax regimes.

RINL, Visakhapatnam steel plant is marching ahead with its upgraded and revamped capacity and started providing its calibre. Recent figures of production and sales stand as a replica for its enhanced business potential.
Internal audit of the organization is expected to provide the service of watch & ward of the organizations assets, processes, procedures and productivity. In order to perform the subject service activities efficiently, effectively and economically, all internal Auditors should have profound knowledge of each and every area and upgrade the same with the modern trends and methods to execute an effective audit of transactions of each area.

Internal Audit dept of RINL comprises of experts in Engineering, IT, Management and Professionals from Finance disciplines for better functioning of the systems in RINL. To make the Auditors thoroughly familiar with SAP and its provisions, these type of seminars are conducted in Internal Audit from time to time.

The seminar was chaired by Shri V.V.Venugopal Rao, Director Finance (RINL) and the session was organised by Head of Department of Internal Audit Shri NVB Rama Sarma , General Manager(F&A)-IA&SV-I/c.
The speakers at the seminar are senior executives from IT&ERP dept of RINL. The participants were officers of Internal audit and Finance departments of RINL.

In view of the increase in RINL Turnover over Rs.25000 crores, the need for up dation of technological usage by internal audit dept plays a vital role. Internal Audit dept uses the experts in Engineering, Computer professionals, Management and Professionals from Finance disciplines for better functioning of the systems in RINL.

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