Adani Group Appeals To People Of The Nation To See Through Motivated Mandate To Defame The Adani Group And Challenge India’s Growth Vision For Political Gains

Soon after the statement from Reliance Industries Limited (RIL), the Adani Group takes to Twitter. The same have been pasted below for the benefit of the viewers of

“In light of the recent allegations against the Adani Group, in wake of the on-going Farm Bill Protests, we would like to clarify some factual inacuracies. Firstly, our website clearly says that we invested INR 700 Cr. to build our silo green storage infrastructure. This project was envisaged by GOI under the national policy of bulk handling, storage and transportation in 2000. Global tenders were invited by the Food Corporation of India in 2003. The Adani Group being the most competitive, was awarded the contract in 2005 The project was commissioned in 2007 for a concession period of 20 years.”

“Therefore, it is important to understand that the project came up in 2007 and is successfully serving its purpose for the last 13 years. But some motivated elements with an agenda to hold back India’s development are misrepresenting facts stating that the Adani Group was gifted funds from the ruling government to setup this project. Secondly, given our legacy of operational excellence, the Adani Group has worked with existing and earlier government to fortify our facilities and foot prints in Punjab, Haryana, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Maharashtra, West Bengal, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh ect. All the silo projects are awarded to company by FCI on competitive bidding basis.”

“Apart from the Adani Group, there are over ten more companies that are working with FCI in the field. All such projects come up only under the guidelines of the ministry. Most essentially, facts are being misrepresented citing the strategic growth of our ports and logistics portfolio. For the record, Adani Agri Logistics Limited (AALL) was established in 2005, much earlier than the testament to working towards national goals with multiple governments over the past three decades.”

“AALL was acquired by Adani Ports and Special Economic Zone Limited from Adani Enterprises Limited, the flagship company of Adani Group in 2018-19. The acquisition was a part of APSEZ’s vision to become ports to end-to-end logistics company in India. We appeal to people of this nation to see through this motivated mandate to defame the Adani Group and challenge India’s growth vision for political gains.”

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