Advisor To PM, Tarun Kapoor, Conducts Comprehensive Review At NTPC North Karanpura

Primary focus of the visit was to conduct a thorough review of the projects underway at NTPC North Karanpura

In a significant development, Shri Tarun Kapoor, Advisor to the Honourable Prime Minister of India, visited the NTPC North Karanpura facility, marking a crucial milestone in the ongoing collaboration between the government and the energy sector.

The primary focus of the visit was to conduct a thorough review of the projects underway at NTPC North Karanpura, emphasising progress made and addressing any challenges faced in the execution. Sh. Tarun Kapoor, accompanied by key officials including Shri Animesh Jain, CGM Coal Mining HQ, Ranchi along with Sh. Shri Shivam Srivastava, Director Fuel NTPC Ltd. engaged in detailed discussions with the management and project teams to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the various initiatives.

Of particular interest during the visit was the scrutiny of the Coal Conveyor Belt, a critical component of the infrastructure at NTPC North Karanpura.

The Advisor to the Honourable Prime Minister highlighted the significance of NTPC’s contributions to the country’s energy landscape and emphasised the need for seamless execution of projects to meet the growing energy demands of the nation.

In response to Shri Tarun Kapoor’s visit, Shri Swapnendu Kumar Panda, Head of Projects at NTPC North Karanpura, expressed gratitude for the government’s continued support. Shri Panda stated, “We are honoured to have Shri Tarun Kapoor visited us and provided valuable insights. His guidance reinforces our determination to deliver projects of national importance with the highest standards of efficiency and sustainability.”

NTPC North Karanpura management welcomed Shri Tarun Kapoor’s visit is a testament to the government’s proactive approach to project oversight and commitment to sustainable development. The collaborative effort between the government and NTPC North Karanpura exemplifies the shared vision for a robust and resilient energy infrastructure.

The visit concluded with a positive outlook for the future, emphasising continuous collaboration and concerted efforts to achieve the energy goals set forth by the nation.

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