AIDEF Opposes Contractual Appointments In New Ordnance Factories Corporations

Decision taken by MIL, one of the 7 Ordnance Factory PSU, to appoint Ex-Apprentices on Contractual/ tenure basis has irked the AIDEF

The tussle between the DDP ,the 7 OFB Corporations and the Federations of Defence Civilian Employees is intensifying day day. Recently a dispute with regard to formation of Bipartite Consultative Committees in the 7 new DPSUs was registered before the CLC (C) and CLC has directed the Ministry of Defence to strictly follow the Labour Laws of the Country.

The latest is the decision taken by the MIL one of the 7 Ordnance Factory PSU to appoint Ex-Apprentices on Contractual/ tenure basis. This has irked the AIDEF and has protested against such exploitative and unfair practices. The AIDEF has demanded that the Ex Trade Apprentices of Ordnace Factories should be given permanent Appointments and not tenure Appointments. The AIDEF,BPMS and CDRA is already in loggerheads with the DDP and the Corporations as they feel that the Govt after forcefully implementing Corporatisation is ignoring the interest of the employees, is watching the situation and reporting the developments to our viewers. accessed a copy of the Protest letter dated 06th Sept 22 addressed to the Defence Secretary against Contractual appointment of Apprentices. The contents of the letter is published here for the benefit of our viewers –

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