AIDEF Says Defence Civilian Employees To Fight Till Government Rolls Back Decision Of Corporatizing Ordnance Factories

AIDEF is challenging all the anti-worker decisions being taken by the Corporations

Addressing a massive public meeting in scorching heat at Shajahanpur in Uttar Pradesh, attended by the employees of Ordnance Clothing Factory the oldest Clothing Factory on Saturday, C. Srikumar, General Secretary of AIDEF gave a clarion call to 75,000 Employees of Ordnance Factories to not give any option to join the 7 Corporations which will go against their interest. C. Srikumar is on a lightning tour to educate the employees of Ordnance Factories. After addressing workers in the 5 Ordnance Factories of Kanpur along with AIDEF President S. N. Pathak, Srikumar addressed meeting at Ordnance Equipment Factory Hazratpur, near Tundla and also visited Shajahanpur.

C. Srikumar told that post Corporatization, things are becoming worse and many Factories including the Factories under TCL & YIL will not be having workload from 2023 onwards. Government which assured full workload is now telling the Corporations should compete with Private Sector. The Army is not placing the order for Strategic Digital design uniform load to the TCL .The Army requires 12 lakh set of Uniform per year. If this Order along with other Troop Comfort items, Parachutes, Boots, Extreme Winter Clothing etc. is placed on TCL, then only TCL with almost 7000 employees which includes a large number of women workers will survive.

Same is the situation with the other 6 Companies. Government, instead of critically and dispassionately analyzing the existence of the 41 Factories is only depending on the Officials to show a rosy picture of the 7 Corporations. The CAG Audit will expose the 6 months doctored profit statement given by these Companies.

AIDEF is challenging all the anti-worker decisions being taken by the Corporations

We have already challenged the enhancement of weekly Working hours, there is going to be a contempt of Court since the commitment given by the Govt and the ASG in the Madras High Court are being violated. The NPS employees of the Ordnance Factories are in deep distress. The future of Trade Apprentices of Ordnance Factories are sealed since Govt has decided to completely stop recruitment. Admissions in the Ordnance Factory Schools are stopped thereby subjecting the employees in deep trouble for getting their Children and grand Children admitted, the education right of the employees Children are being snatched. The conditions of the Ordnance Factory Hospitals has become pathetic. Defence Minister Rajnath Singh ji, who assured that no existing benefits of the employees will be taken away has not even met us to know our pains for the last 10 months. I doubt whether our representations are brought to his notice or not, he must have been kept in dark. In any case AIDEF will fight back. We the AIDEF, BPMS, CDRA and IOFSOA have jointly decided that our employees will not join the Corporation. Our employees will not fall in to the trap of the so called packages of the Corporations.

I can only appeal to the PM & RM that as you have rightly withdrawn the controversial farm laws, the Corporatisation decision may also be withdrawn in the interest of the National Security and to fully achieve the real Atmanirbhar Bharat. Till then we will continue our struggle and legal battle, he added.

The families of the deceased employees especially the 170 employees who died due to Corona are not being granted Compassionate appointments, GPF Payments, Pension payments etc. are getting unreasonably delayed. The whimsical decision of Corporatization has completely spoiled the peaceful and productive atmosphere in the Ordnance Factories. Who will take the responsibility of this. However we as patriotic workers are ensuring that there should not be any blockage in the production and supply to the Armed Forces, he said.

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