AIDEF Sends Charter of Demands To Raksha Mantri Rajnath Singh Regarding Procurement Of Defence Equipment

This related to Defence Acquisition Council taken yesterday for procurement of Defence Equipment worth Rs.28,732 Crore

The Defence Acquisition Council have yesterday taken a decision for procurement of Defence Equipment worth Rs.28,732 Crore under the Government’s policy of Atma Nirbharta in Defence. The DAC has accorded approval for Bullet Proof Jackets and Close Quarter Battle Carbines for the services. The press release issued by the Defence Ministry says that all these items will be procure from domestic Industries. The Ordnance Factories the major Defence manufacturing units are struggling for work. Majority of the products of the Ordnance Factories are declared as Non – Core and now the Ordnance Factories are asked to compete with private sector for acquiring the work order.

Already the employees are very much agitated against the Government’s decision in Corporatizing the Ordnance Factories. The All India Defence Employees Federation is already repeatedly representing to the Government for providing full workload to all the Factories. They have already written to the Defence Minister for placing the indent of Combat Uniform with Digital Pattern and other Troop Comfort Items developed by the Ordnance Factories. Yesterday’s decision of the Defence Acquisition Council have provoked them and without wasting any time today the AIDEF have submitted a representation to the Defence Minister, requesting him to place the indent of Bullet Proof Jacket and the Carbine Small Arms to the Ordnance Factories. accessed a copy of the letter written by AIDEF to the Defence Minister Rajnath Singh in this regard. The contents of the same is published here for the benefit of our viewers.

Sub : Placing of Indent of Bullet Proof Jackets and Carbines to Ordnance Factories.

Ref : AIDEF letter of even No. dated 10-06-2022

This Federation vide letter referred above have already submitted a detailed representation to your honor with regard to allotment of workload to the erstwhile OEF Group of Factories under OFB (at present TCL & GIL). In our letter we have given a detailed list of items which are developed by these Factories especially “Combat Uniform Digital Pattern with anti microbial finish and NIR camouflaging” and “Bullet Resistant Jacket NIJ4” etc., At present it is seen from the press release dated 26-07-2022 issued by the Ministry of Defence that the DAC Meeting held under your Chairmanship has taken a decision for Acceptance of Necessity (AoN) for Capital Acquisition Proposals of the Armed Forces amounting to Rs.28,732 Crores under Buy (Indian IDDM) and Buy (Indian) categories giving a further boost to “Atma Nirbharta” in Defence. The DAC has accorded AoN for Bullet Proof Jackets with Indian Standard BIS VI level of protection and 4 lakhs of Close Quarter Battle Carbines for the Services. In this regard we wish to submit the following for your favorable consideration.

Bullet Proof Jacket

The OCF Avadi has developed Bullet Resistant Jacket as per MHA GSQR to meet threat level III+ and gives 360 degrees protection . BRJ protects from weapons SLR, AK47, INSAS and 9 mm Carbine. Weight of std side BRJ-8.9 kg. The OCF has started supplying BRJ to the Police Forces. At present OCF has developed Threat Level IV BRJ and is under trial / proof. In this situation given the opportunity OCF Avadi will be able to produce Bullet Proof Jackets with Indian Standard BIS VI level of protection. Therefore as assured by the Honorable RM to the Federations this workload of Bullet Proof Jackets may please be given to the Ordnance Factories especially OCF Avadi under TCL.


The Ordnance Factories (SAF, OFT and RFI) have immense experience in manufacturing the following Carbines.

JVPC 5.6x30mm (developed by SAF)
TAR 7.62x39mm (developed by OFT)

Both the above Carbines are proved to be successful. Apart from this the RFI has also developed a Carbine. Therefore the Ordnance Factories are best placed to manufacture the new Carbine required for the Armed Forces. It is therefore requested that as assured by the Honorable RM during the discussions with the Federations to place the indent of 4 lakhs of Close Quarter Battle Carbines to the Ordnance Factories which will go a long way for keeping the Small Arms Factories RFI, OFT, SAF and OF Korwa fully engaged.

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