AITUC Too Demands “Agnipath” Scheme Be Withdrawn Immediately

“AGNIPATH” has fooled no one, least of all those young men for whom it is being touted, says AITUC statement

Widespread demonstrations have erupted spontaneously when the real meaning of AGNIPATH has dawned on those who had appeared for military selection exams, on those who are looking for stable employment. There are others, retired military commanders, who know the military establishment inside out, who are flabbergasted at this scatterbrained Scheme. They have warned that on the one hand Agnipath will weaken the military establishment and on the other, endanger Society at large when Agniveers are let loose on the streets, unemployed and without pension!

The string of policy decisions by the Modi Government over the past eight years have put ordinary people to great sufferings: be it demonetisation, the GST regime that was amended 1100 times so far, the cruel lockdown that left crores of toiling people without food, shelter or any income without any warning, the 4 Labour Codes, the three Farm Laws, the CAA and NRC, the New Education Policy, the National Monetisation Pipeline…..the list is unending. And the result is an ever-widening gap between the rich and the poor, unbearable price rise, all time high unemployment and blatant lawlessness by the Government itself using bulldozers against suspects. Agnipath is another step taking the Nation into an uncertain future, with unknown consequences. It gives a lie to the oft repeated claim of the BJP of being ultra Nationalists, when they try to do away with pension and social security for those who have defended the borders of our country, putting their lives at stake!

The BJP is embarking on these policies with a single aim: to win the 2024 Loksabha elections, by hook or by crook, the people can look after themselves!

The AITUC urges the BJP-led Central Government to simply withdraw the Agnipath Scheme and not try to bulldoze it, for the sake of our people and our country.

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