As Cases Reduce, Delhi Government Requests Centre To Provide Surplus Of It’s Oxygen Quota To Other States

Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia took cognisance of the reduction in cases in Delhi and wrote to the Centre requesting reduction in allocation quota of oxygen to Delhi, as opposed to the previous allocation of 700 MT. As the positivity rate and hospitalized cases reduce across Delhi, the oxygen requirement has fallen
from 700 MT to 582 MT per day. He reiterated that the centre should provide the surplus oxygen from Delhi’s allocated quota to other states who need that surplus. He stated that the positivity rate in Delhi has dropped to 14%, 10,400 new cases in last 24 hours. Sisodia added that despite the fact that the mark of 700 MT was met
only on one day, the Delhi government is grateful for the Supreme Court and centre’s intervention.

Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia conducted a press conference wherein he highlighted that the cases were at the peak in the last week of April and first week of May. On a daily basis, more than 80,000 tests were being done out of which around 27,000 were testing positive. Positivity rate had risen to 32% during that period.
But now the positivity rate has reduced to around 14%, and 10,400 new cases have been recorded in last 24 hours. He emphasized that the oxygen demand was directly proportional to the increase in cases. During the peak time, Delhi needed 700 MT of oxygen daily. He highlighted that as the cases have reduced, Delhi’s requirement of oxygen has dropped to 582 MT, as per the formula determined by the Centre.

The Deputy CM thanked the Supreme Court and central government for their timely intervention. He mentioned that even though the actual demand of 700 MT was met only on one day, Delhi got sufficient oxygen through Centre which saved many precious lives. He said, “During the peak period, we were getting regular SOS calls from the hospitals. Now, we receive 1-2 SOS calls daily which are fulfilled without any delay. Delhi government is a responsible government; hence it is requesting Central government to reduce the daily oxygen allocation of Delhi to 582 MT. This way the other states in the need of oxygen can get the surplus oxygen from Delhi.”

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