Bank Of Baroda Teams Up With Kunaal Roy Kapur For PehchaanCon 3.0 Campaign To Spread Awareness On New-Age Financial Frauds

Releases two new ad films to inform and educate people on emerging threats in the digital age and how one can protect themselves

Bank of Baroda, one of India’s leading public sector banks, today announced the release of its #PehchaanCon 3.0 Banking Fraud Awareness campaign. Building upon the success of the earlier two editions, the latest campaign seeks to raise awareness about new-age financial frauds such as Artificial Intelligence-generated Deepfake scams that can succeed in duping even the most vigilant customers.

In Phase 3 of the #PehchaanCon campaign, the Bank has released two new ad films featuring actor Kunaal Roy Kapur. Combining the use of humour with informative content, these videos illustrate how anyone – even the smartest and strongest amongst us – can end up getting conned. Using the latest deepfake tech to deceive individuals by masquerading as a family member/a close acquaintance or targeting online shoppers by posing as a delivery agent asking for an OTP, which is then used to hack into one’s personal data, fraudsters are using a range of methods to try and dupe people.

The ads showcase how anyone is vulnerable to falling prey to such an attack. Kunaal Roy Kapur plays the role of the quiet and compassionate doctor to whom his patients pour their hearts out to, while also contemplating how to protect themselves from such kinds of frauds in future. The ads emphasise that by being alert, watchful and being able to recognise a fraud/fraudster or Con, customers can protect themselves and their confidential financial information and enjoy a safe and secure online banking and shopping experience.

Shri Lal Singh, Executive Director, Bank of Baroda said, “Online frauds aimed at defrauding people have become more common nowadays and are an ever-present threat. Further, with the advent of new technologies, the modus operandi of financial cons also keeps evolving rapidly. Hence, all of us need to be extremely alert and learn to identify a potential fraud/scam. Bank of Baroda’s PehchaanCon campaign emphasises the importance of self-vigilance to customers so that they can ensure the safety of their hard-earned money from the threats presented by cybercriminals.”

In essence, the campaign aims to amplify the message: Stay informed and stay alert.

A multi-channel campaign, the #PehchaanCon 3.0 campaign will play across television, radio, digital and outdoor platforms.

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