Bharat Bandh Demanding Old Pension Scheme – JFROPS Gives Clarion Call

Organization holding massive Rally at Ramlila Maidan New Delhi on August 10

The State and Central Govt Employees will go to the extent of calling a Bharat Bandh if the Modi Govt does not withdraw NPS and restore the defined and guaranteed Old Pension Scheme.

The JFROPS is holding a massive Rally at Ramlila Maidan New Delhi on August 10, in which thousands of Railways, Defence, Postal and State Govt Employees are expected to participate.

Today, Shiva Gopal Mishra, Convener of JFROPS addressed a Press Meet in which M. Raghaviah from NFIR, C. Srikumar from AIDEF and other leaders from JFROPS also expressed their views. All the leaders, in one voice, stated that they will fight till the last to achieve the defined and guaranteed Old Pension Scheme for all Central, State, Paramilitary, Union Territory and Autonomous bodies Employees. They have also stated that they are prepared to call even a Bharat Bandh to achieve the Old Pension Scheme as Pension is their right and they cannot surrender this right .After the rally they told they will submit a Memorandum to the Prime Minister.

The Press Release issued by the JFROPS is published here for the benefit of the viewers of


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As per the decisions taken in the National Convention organized under the banner of Joint Forum for Restoration For Old Pension Scheme (JFROPS)/NJCA at Pyare Lal Bhavan in New Delhi, on 1st January 2004 onwards, a continuous struggle and movement are being carried out from the central level to the state level for the Restoration of Old Pension.

Responding to NJCA’s call, on 10th August 2023, government employees from across India will gather at Ramleela Ground in New Delhi for the Pension Rights Maha Rally at 9:30 AM. Employees from various Central, State, Education, Railway, Teachers, Defence, Ex. Para Military Force and PSU’s organizations will participate in large numbers to demand the Restoration of the Old Pension Scheme.

During a press conference in New Delhi, NJCA Convenor and General Secretary of AIRF Shri Shiva Gopal Mishra, stated that the employees who joined government service after 1st January 2004 are strongly opposing the New Pension Scheme. After their retirement, they are worried about their future because those young colleagues recruited in government service after 1st January 2004 have been deprived of the Old Pension Scheme, and they have been forced into the New Pension Scheme. Due to this, the future and support for old age of millions of employees are in jeopardy due to the absence of the Social and Defined Old Pension Scheme, and that is why we have formed the “Joint Forum for Restoration of Old Pension Scheme (JFROPS)/NJCA.

We have organized various demonstrations, rallies, and torch processions from state level to Jantar Mantar in New Delhi, and we have submitted memorandums to district officials, Hon’ble State Governors, Cabinet secretaries, and even the Honorable Prime Minister in this regard. Further, on 10th August 2023, we are organizing the Pension Rights Maha Rally at Ramleela Ground in New Delhi at 9:30 AM, where employees from all over India, along with Central, State, Railway employees, Teachers, Defence and Ex. Para Military Force, PSU’s as well as employees from other organizations, will join.

Shri Shiva Gopal Mishra, the Convener of NJCA, further stated that now the government employees are tired of the government’s anti-employee policies. When the leaders are entitled to the Old Pension, then those employees who dedicate their entire lives to the organization and the country should not be deprived of their support during their old age. This is their right, and the government should immediately restore the Old Pension Scheme for all central and state government employees, Teachers, Defence, Ex Para Military Force and others Government employees without delay, so that they can live a dignified life in their old age and in society.

If the government still does not heed, then during the Bharat Bandh, the entire nation’s functioning will come to a standstill, and the government will be solely responsible for it. Because government employees will now remain firm on the issue of the Old Pension Scheme, irrespective of anyone’s persuasions.

Addressing the press conference, Dr. M. Raghavaiah, Co-Convener of NJCA and General Secretary of NFIR, said that the old pension is the fundamental right of employees, and this right cannot be snatched away by the government. If the government does not take this seriously, then during the Bharat Bandh, the entire country’s functioning will come to a halt. Other leaders of various organizations also addressed the press conference and expressed their support for the demand of Government employees, for the Restoration of Old Pension Scheme.

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