Big Relief To Residents Of Uttarakhand As CM Dhami Makes Important Announcements

Relief related to electricity, water, transportation and urban development

Chief Minister Shri Pushkar Singh Dhami has given a big gifts to the public of Uttarakhand today. The CM made some important announcements in the Vidhan Sabha today which will come as a major relief to the residents of the hill state.

Department of Energy

The Chief Minister said that under the Energy Department, rebate would be given to fixed charges of electricity bills for three months. About 2,24,604 people will be benefited by this, on which the estimated expenditure will be Rs 2463.81 lakh. Rebate will be given for 03 months on late payment surcharge of electricity bills. An expenditure of about Rs. 3642 lakh will be incurred on this.

Transport Department

Under the Transport Department, exemption will be given in service vehicle tax for 06 months. In this, the estimated number of beneficiaries is 96380 while the estimated expenditure will be Rs 7580.00 lakh. Rebate will be given for 06 months on late fee on renewal of registration certificate, fitness permit, driving license etc. The estimated expenditure on this will be Rs 3250 lakh.

Urban Development Department

Under the Urban Development Department, an incentive amount of Rs.2000 will be provided to environment friends for five months. About 8300 environment friends will be benefited by this. An expenditure of about Rs.830.00 lakh will come on this.
Financial assistance of Rs. Two Thousand will be given to all the beneficiaries registered in PM Svanidhi for 05 months. In this, the estimated number of beneficiaries is 25000 and the estimated expenditure on this head will be Rs. 2500 lakh.

Drinking Water Department

Under the Drinking Water Department, 100% late fee will be waived in case all the water/sewer consumers of the state make one-time payment of the remaining dues by December 31, 2021.

The Chief Minister said that ASHA workers have made a very important contribution in the field of health. The way he has worked in the difficult circumstances of Covid-19 is commendable. He said that the state government will give Two Thousand Rupees per month to Asha sisters for five consecutive months. Along with this, tablet computers will also be given to each of them. The government is fully sensitive to solve the problems of Asha sisters, the CM added.

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