CAQM Diesel Genset Ban Order : Harried Gurugram Residents Seek Intervention From PM Modi

They say that the CAQM directive in this regard is a flawed one

High-rise Apartment Owners of Gurugram are also a worried lot over the CAQM order on ban on use of diesel generators, as they say that this order, if comes into force from October 1, next, will greatly affect the lives of families residing in high-rise apartments of Gurugram District,

Mr. Anu Jain, a resident of Gurugram has posted his grievance on the PMO portal today. The content of the grievance is given below for the benefit of the viewers of

Dir 73 relates to modifications to be made to Diesel Gensets by 01.10.2023 failing which prosecution would be initiated.

The direction is flawed due to:

  1. Modifications are not supported by Original Equipment Manufacturers. This leads to service life issues and effectiveness of modifications suggested.
  2. Majority of DG Sets are installed in basements with no possibility of reinstalling on surface. CNG supplies are prohibited in basements. Fire risk and Insurance issues
  3. Gas banks have been suggested where gas is not available. Not feasible for same reasons.

Direction 75 are directions to all stakeholders such as:

Chairpersons CPCP and State PCBs
Commissioners urban local bodies
Road owning and maintenance agencies in NCR
Heads of Traffic Police
Heads of power Distribution companies in NCR

Past directions to all the above have not led to any improvement in areas such as:

Road construction and maintenance
Waste management
C &D waste management

and most relevant to this case: Electricity supply

It is well documented by the commission itself that lack of proper electricity supply forces consumers to resort to backup supply.

The incidence of emissions due to that forced running is miniscule in comparison to road dust, traffic emission yet the CAQM deliberately ignores the failings the govt. agencies and fails to prosecute the real culprits.

Instead devices a direction that places the hapless common man in a situation of noncompliance . Threats of penalties and prosecution have already been issued by pollution control boards.

Why should we be forced to comply to ill-conceived directions and prosecuted for lapses of electricity boards?
Are huge public funds to be squandered and public made the scapegoat to shield the real culprits ?

You are requested to direct the Commission to review its directions and exempt the residential sector from the above-mentioned directions.

Anu Jain

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