Central Government Employees And Pensioners Reach Out PM Modi To Settle 14 Long-standing Demands

Decisions like Corporatization, Privatization, Outsourcing, Closure, Abolition of Posts, NPS etc. are at the forefront of the charter of demands

After Narendra Modi has taken over as the Prime Minster of India for the 3rd consecutive term, the Central Government Employees and Pensioners are expecting a lot from him. They expect that the New Modi 3.0 government will have a pro-active approach on their pending demands and issues.

The National Council JCM is the highest Consultative Forum of the Central Government Employees for which the Cabinet Secretary is the chairman. Representatives of Central Government Employees Federations including the AIRF, AIDEF, NFIR, and other organizations are members of this Council representing the employees. Government of India is expected to take the Staff Side representatives in to confidence before taking any policy decisions which have impact on the service conditions of the employees.

The JCM scheme is going to complete 60 years during 2024. According to, C. Srikumar, General Secretary of AIDEF and also a member of the Standing Committee of National Council JCM, the purpose for which the JCM was setup by Government of India during the year 1966 is completely defeated and diluted. As per the JCM scheme, meetings of the National Council JCM and Departmental Council JCM should take place thrice in a year and decisions on the demand should be taken in the meeting itself. Unfortunately, the meeting of the JCM Councils both at the National and Departmental Level are not taking place and even if meeting take place decisions are being postponed indefinitely resulting in the employees and pensioners approaching Court of Law for getting Justice. The government drag them up to Supreme Court and even after Supreme Court Verdict the benefits are restricted only to the petitioners in the case.

Decisions like Corporatization, Privatization, Outsourcing, Closure, Abolition of Posts, NPS etc., are few examples where decisions are taken unilaterally. When the JCM Scheme is going to celebrate its Diamond Jubilee, the Government should activate the JCM Scheme and ensure that the Senior Officers in the Ministries and department take the JCM seriously and they should understand and realize that conducting JCM meetings and solving the issues are also part of their duties and responsibilities, stated C. Srikumar.

Shiva Gopal Mishra, Secretary Staff Side of National Council JCM and also General Secretary of AIRF of the behalf of the Central Government Employees and the Pensioners has now approached the Prime Minster Narendra Modi by submitting a detailed note to him and expressing his hope that the Prime Minister will personally intervene and settle their outstanding demands. www.indianpsu.com accessed a copy of the letter dated.18.06.2024 written by Shiva Gopal Mishra to the Prime Minister of India which we are publishing here for the benefit of our viewers.

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