Central Trade Unions Calls For Nationwide Protest On July 23 Against EDSO-21 & Privatisation Of Defence Production

Defence Employees will be on the forefront during the All India Protest Day

Day by day, the Defence Civilian Employees are gaining more support in their struggle against EDSO-21 and Corporatisation of Ordnance Factories. Even the Central Government Gazetted Officers Association, has extended supporting hands to the Defence Civilian Employees of Ordnance Factories. In a letter dated 8/7/21, addressed to the Cabinet Secretary the Confederation of Central Government, Gazetted Officers Association has demanded for withdrawal of EDSO-21 and Corporatisation of Ordnance Factories.

The 10 major Central Trade Unions in a meeting held on 08/7/21 have decided to observe 23/07/21 as All India protest Day opposing the EDSO 21 and Privatisation . When www.indianpsu.com contacted C.Srikumar General Secretary, he thanked the Central Trade Unions and all other Organisations for extending their support and solidarity for their historical struggle . Asked about their future programme he stated that the Campaigning programmes will continue and next week their Unions will approach the local political leaders , MPs MLAs and local body representatives garnering their support for their future massive agitations .The 5 Federations will jointly decide about the future programmes. On 23rd July, Defence Employees will be on the forefront during the All India Protest Day.

The joint press statement issued today by the 10 Central Trade Unions is published here for the benefit of the viewers of www.indianpsu.com

Joint Platform of CTUs, Federations and Associations Calls for Observance of Countrywide Protest Day on 23rd July Against Draconian Essential Defence Services Ordinance and the Rampant Drive of Privatisation of Defence Production Sector.

The Joint Platform of Central Trade Unions and Sectoral Independent Federations and Associations, in its meeting held on 8th July 2021 reiterates its active support to the ongoing united struggle, under the joint leadership of the five federations of the Defence Production employees, against aggressive and hectic exercise of the Central Govt. to privatise Defence Production sector and Ordnance Factories Network.

The CTUs note with concern that, simultaneously, a substantial part of the defence related production is being outsourced to private sector, both indigenous and foreign, permitting 100% FDI. All these measures are going to severely weaken the indigenous production network of all basic requirements of the defence forces, much to the detriment of national interests. The Defence Employees Federations have been fighting unitedly with determination and commitment against these anti-national policies.

The CTUs expressed serious concern and voiced their condemnation of the hasty promulgation of the Essential Defence Service Ordinance by the Central Government, meant to brutally suppress the rising discontent and anger among the Defence Production employees against these anti-national policies. The Ordinance bans the right to strike in defence production sector. It has various draconian penal provisions extending even beyond strike, to all kinds of collective democratic protests. It empowers the Govt. to extend those brutal autocratic measures to other sectors as well. The Joint Platform of CTUs denounces such atrocious Ordinance with a firm resolve to fight and resist unitedly the authoritarian ways of the Central Govt.

The Joint Platform of CTUs has therefore called upon the working people all over the country and the entire trade union movement to raise their united voice of protest and condemnation against this authoritarian Ordinance hurriedly promulgated by the Central Govt to push its policy of privatization of the PSUs, Railways, Mines, Financial Sector as well as the Defence Production network under Govt, in fact the national productive assets and infrastructure in entirety, only to benefit big corporates, foreign and domestic.

The Central Trade Unions call upon the workers and their unions to observe countrywide protest and agitation on 23rd July 2021 against
a) The Draconian Ordinance,
b) Rampant drive of privatization of PSUs, Defence Production sector and Ordnance Factories network in particular.

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