CMD RINL Appeals For Assistance From All Stakeholders In Resolving Severe Coal Crisis At Vizag Steel Plant

RINL is currently facing an unprecedented challenge due to the halt in operations at M/s. Adani Gangavaram Port Limited (AGPL) since 12.04.2024

Dear all,

Rashtriya Ispat Nigam Limited (RINL) stands as a beacon of industrial prowess and national pride, with its significant contributions resonating across the landscape of our nation’s development. As a key player in the steel industry, RINL has played a pivotal role in the nation-building process by supplying high-quality steel for various infrastructural projects, from bridges to railways, highways to high-rise buildings. Its relentless commitment to excellence and innovation has not only fueled the growth of India’s industrial sector but has also bolstered our nation’s economic resilience on the global stage.

In the heartland of Andhra Pradesh, RINL’s impact extends far beyond its steel production facilities. It has been a catalyst for socio-economic growth, empowering lakhs of individuals and families who are directly or indirectly dependent on its operations. Through job creation, skill development initiatives, and community outreach programs, RINL has not only transformed the industrial landscape but has also touched the lives of countless people, offering them opportunities for livelihood and prosperity. Its unwavering dedication to the well-being of the communities it serves has made RINL an integral part of the fabric of Andhra Pradesh’s growth story, inspiring hope and resilience in the face of challenges.

As you may be aware, RINL is currently facing an unprecedented challenge due to the halt in operations at M/s. Adani Gangavaram Port Limited (AGPL) since 12.04.2024. This interruption has severely impacted RINL’s ability to access essential raw materials, including coking coal and limestone, which are indispensable for our production processes.

The situation is dire, and the need for swift action has never been more urgent. Without access to these critical resources, RINL’s operations and, consequently, our ability to contribute to the nation’s progress are at great risk.

In this hour of need, it is requested of all citizens, stakeholders, contract workers, and people’s representatives to come together and assist RINL in resolving this crisis.

Your timely intervention in this matter is paramount to ensuring the uninterrupted and safe operations of RINL, safeguarding jobs, and sustaining economic growth in our region.

We understand the challenges we face are significant, but we firmly believe that together, we can overcome them. Your cooperation in resolving this crisis will not only benefit RINL but will also contribute to the collective welfare of our community and Nation.

Hence, We request your immediate cooperation and support to enable RINL to evacuate its coking coal & lime stone from AGPL to RINL without any further delay.

Atul Bhatt,

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