Coal India Limited Proposal For Change In Bonus Pattern, Meets Strong Opposition From Union Leaders

All Union leaders were of the view that there should be no change in the bonus pattern for employees of the Coal India Limited

The Apex JCC meeting of Coal India was held on Thursday at the headquarters of the PSU in Kolkata. It was chaired by CMD P.M. Prasad. In the meeting, Coal India management proposed to provide the annual bonus of coal workers under a scheme. But all the union leaders present in the meeting rejected the proposal outright and said that a decision on bonus should be taken as before.

Coal India DP Vinay Ranjan, DT Dr. B Veera Reddy were present from the management side in the meeting. While apart from BCCL cum ECL CMD Samiran Dutta, CMDs of all other subsidiary coal companies were connected through virtual medium. Among the union leaders, K. Laxma Reddy from BMS, Nathulal Pandey from HMS, Ramendra Kumar from AITUC, DD Ramanandan from CITU and Sarvesh Soni from CMOAI were present.

Nathulal Pandey, President of Hind Mazdoor Sabha (HMS), later told that the order issued by the Ministry of Labor regarding the formation of Works Committee was opposed by labor organizations. On this issue, the Chairman assured the labor organizations that Works Committee will not be formed in any of the subsidiary companies of Coal India.

He added that a new formula for annual bonus was brought forward by Coal India Limited management. On the issue of medical unfit, the management assured that the special case related to this will be brought before management, will be considered. Labor organizations were assured that HPC payment will be ensured to the contract workers. Issues like medical facilities for the family members of contract workers, attendance by biometric method, social security etc. were put before the management and demand was made to implement them.

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