Coal Ministry Opens Bids For Commercial Coal Mining Auction

22 Companies Submit Bids for Auctions

The auction process of 103 coal/lignite mines for sale of coal was launched by the Nominated Authority, Ministry of Coal on March 29,2023. The last date for submission of Technical Bids for all the coal mines was June 27, 2023. As part of the auction process, Technical Bids comprising of online and offline bid documents were opened here today (June 28, 2023). The online bids were decrypted and opened electronically in the presence of the bidders. Subsequently, sealed envelopes containing offline bid documents were also opened in the presence of bidders. Entire process was displayed on screen for the bidders.

A total of 35 bids (both online and offline) were received under two tranches (7th tranche and 2nd attempt of 6th tranche) of commercial coal mine auctions. Under Seventh tranche of auctions, a total of 34 bids both online and offline were received against 17 coal mines and two bids were received only online but not offline. Two or more bids have been received for seven coal mines i.e. 24 bids (Both online and offline) against 7 coal mines and 10 coal mines have received single bids (Both online and offline). Of these 17 coal mines, nine are partially explored whereas the remaining mines are fully explored. The cumulative peak rated capacity ( PRC) of the fully explored coal mines is 47.80 million tonne per annum (MTPA). 16 coal mines are non-coking coal mines whereas one mine is coking coal mine.

Under 2nd Attempt of Sixth tranche, a total of 5 coal mines were put up for auctions and one bid has been received against 1 coal mine which is a fully explored non-coking coal mine. The PRC of the coal mine is 4 MTPA.

A total of five public sector companies submitted the bids in the ongoing round of commercial coal mines’ auction as well. Mine-wise list of bids received is as below:

Sr NoName of Coal MineTrancheNo of Bids (Both Online and Offline)
1Badibahal17th Tranche1
2Kudanali Lubri17th Tranche1
3Machhakata (Revised)17th Tranche1
4Mahan17th Tranche1
5Mara II Mahan17th Tranche1
6Meenakshi West17th Tranche3
7North Dhadu (Eastern Part)17th Tranche2
8North Dhadu (Western Part)17th Tranche2
9Pathora East17th Tranche5
10Pathora West17th Tranche2
11Phatehpur South17th Tranche1
12Sakhigopal B Kakurhi17th Tranche1
13Sherband17th Tranche7
14Tandsi III and Tandsi III Extn.17th Tranche1
15Tara17th Tranche3
16Thesgora-B/ Rudrapuri17th Tranche1
17West of Baisi (Revised)17th Tranche1
18Sattupalli Block III2nd Attempt – 16th Tranche1

A total of 22 companies have submitted their bids (both online and offline) in the auction process as per the following list:

Sr. NoName of the BidderNo of Bids Submitted
1Agrasen Sponge Pvt Limited1
2Bull Mining Pvt Ltd3
3Gangaramchak Mining Private Limited1
4Gujarat Mineral and Development Corporation3
5Hindalco Industries Limited2
6Jindal Steel and Power Limited3
7Mahan Energen Limited1
8Nalwa Steel and Power Limited1
9Nilkanth Coal Mining Pvt Ltd1
10NLC India Limited3
11NTPC Mining Ltd2
12Nuvoco Vistas Corp Ltd.1
13Odisha Coal and Power Limited1
14Paras Power and Coal Benefication Limited1
15Raigarh Natural Resources Pvt Ltd1
16Shanti GD Ispat and Power Pvt Ltd1
17Shri Bajrang Power and Ispat Limited3
18Special Blasts Limited1
19Srivan Khanij Private Limited1
20Sunflag Iron and Steel Ltd2
22Sri Avantika Contractors I Pvt Ltd1

The bids will be evaluated by a multi-disciplinary Technical Evaluation Committee and Technically Qualified Bidders will be shortlisted for participation in the electronic auction, to be conducted on MSTC portal shortly.

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