Coal Ministry To Host Industry Interaction In Hyderabad

Interaction to Promote Coal/Lignite Gasification Projects in India

The Ministry of Coal, Government of India, is set to host an Industry Interaction on 16th February, 2024 in Hyderabad aimed at fostering the development and proliferation of coal/lignite gasification projects across the nation. This event marks a significant step towards harnessing the potential of coal and lignite resources to drive sustainable energy solutions in India.

The Government of India has approved a scheme to promote coal/ lignite gasification projects to meet the future energy needs of the country. As per the approved scheme, Rs. 8,500 crore of investment outlay will be provided by Ministry of Coal to coal/ lignite gasification projects under 3 categories i.e. for Government PSU’s, Private Players as well as Small Scale Projects.

The promotion of coal/lignite gasification projects aligns with the government’s vision to diversify energy sources, reduce dependence on imported fuels, and mitigate environmental impact through cleaner technologies. This initiative underscores the Ministry of Coal’s commitment to fostering innovation and collaboration within the energy sector. Through strategic partnerships with industry stakeholders, the Ministry of Coal seeks to accelerate the adoption of gasification technologies and facilitate the development of a robust ecosystem for coal/lignite-based energy solutions. The event will bring together key stakeholders, including policymakers, industry leaders, and investors, to deliberate on the opportunities and challenges associated with coal/lignite gasification projects. Participants will engage in insightful discussions, share best practices, and explore avenues for collaboration to drive the growth of gasification initiatives in India.

Shri Amrit Lal Meena, Secretary, Ministry of Coal will be the Chief Guest for the event. The event will also be graced by Shri P.M. Prasad, Chairman, Coal India Limited.

The Ministry of Coal invites all interested stakeholders to join this momentous event and contribute to shaping the future of energy in India. Coal gasification will unlock the immense potential of coal and lignite resources to drive sustainable growth and achieve our energy security objectives.

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