Coal Ministry To Organize Star Rating Awards Ceremony

Awards to be conferred for Exceptional Performance by Coal & Lignite Mines

The Ministry of Coal is organizing prestigious Star Rating Awards ceremony here on December 20, 2023, to recognize the exceptional performance of Coal and Lignite mines. With a steadfast commitment to elevating industry standards, the Ministry has implemented a well-defined mechanism to enhance performance across key criteria, promoting responsible coal mining practices for sustained growth and development. The Minister of Coal, Mines and Parliamentary Affairs, Shri Pralhad Joshi will grace the occasion as the chief guest and Minister of State for Railways, Coal & Mines, Shri Raosaheb Patil Danve will be the guest of honour on the occasion .

Ministry of Coal is committed to sustainability of Coal and Lignite mining, enhancing overall performance of coal mines in the country by championing sustainable mining practices and fostering competitiveness among mines. Therefore, the Ministry has formulated Star Rating Policy to distinguish outstanding performance of coal mines and accord them the recognition. The Star rating policy outlines Star Rating criteria across seven comprehensive modules: “Mining Operations, Environmental factors, Adoption of Technologies-Best Mining Practices, Economic Performance, Rehabilitation & Resettlement, Worker related Compliance, and Safety & Security.”

The Star Ratings are awarded on a scale from Five Star to No Star, evaluating each mine’s achievements holistically. Coal mines are evaluated under three categories: Underground Mines (UG), Opencast Mines (OC) and Mixed Mines. The rating is given for each parameter, and the sum of the maximum points of all applicable parameters, as well as the sum of scored points, is calculated. Mines scoring between 91% and 100% receives a five-star rating.

In the last four years (2018-19, 2019-20, 2020-21, 2021-22), a total of 68 mines have qualified for 5 star rating, scoring more than 91%. Among them, 39 mines have ranked 1st 2nd & 3rd prize. No mines have qualified under the mixed category for star rating.

The evaluation of coal mines is conducted by the Coal Controller’s Organization (CCO) to ensure transparency and impartiality. Participating mines are encouraged to undergo a comprehensive self-evaluation process, with the top 10% of the highest-scoring mines being selected for further validation through an inspection process. The program is designed to foster competitiveness among mines and elevate the overall performance and sustainability of coal and lignite mining

This star rating policy has significantly raised the performance and sustainability standards in coal and lignite mining, encouraging nationwide participation and advocating for responsible practices. The Star Rating Award has become a catalyst, fostering interest and engagement across the coal mining sector, demonstrating a collective commitment to excellence and responsibility. The star rating policy marks a pivotal turning point in India’s coal mining sector, driving continuous improvement, enhancing efficiency, and ensuring adherence to the highest safety and environmental standards for a sustainable future.

In line with Government of India’s vision for enhancing operational efficiency, the Ministry of Coal recently concluded its Special Campaign 3.0 with resounding success. This focused initiative aimed at institutionalizing cleanliness and streamlining processes to mitigate pending matters. The Ministry achieved noteworthy success of effectively addressing public grievances leading to more public interface, references from Members of Parliament, and Parliament Assurances. A comprehensive Cleanliness drive, coupled with the meticulous disposal of scrap and the systematic weeding out of files, constituted the multifaceted approach.

The Ministry of Coal achieved significant milestones, with commendable 100% success rate in addressing Public Grievances, PMO References, CMO References, and IMC matters. The cleanliness campaign was conducted at 962 sites, freeing up 65,89,378 sq.ft. of space and the revenue earned through the disposal of 8499 MT of scrap amounted to Rs. 34.01 crore. Further underscoring commitment to efficiency, the Ministry reviewed a staggering 1,39,969 physical files and 1,05,369 e-files, finally leading to the closure of 69,227 files

Moreover, the Ministry and its CPSUs have secured the top position in the ‘Space Freed’ Category among all Ministries/Departments, reclaiming 65,89,378 sq.ft. of space. This reclaimed space is being utilized for various greening purposes, such as plantations, horticultural activities, beautification, wider passages, parking space, office seating arrangements, and storage. In addition, Coal PSUs have creatively repurposed mining scrap materials into stunning sculptures and various artifacts. Awards for these notable achievements will be presented to different PSUs in various categories.

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