Coal Production Touches 664.37 Million Tonne During FY 2023-24 Up To 25th December

11.32 % Growth in Coal Dispatch ; With 8.39 % Increase, Coal Dispatch to Power Sector Comes to 577.11 MT during the above period

As per the latest statistics of the Ministry of Coal, the cumulative achievement in coal production during FY’ 2023-24 from April 2023 to 25th December 2023, has touched 664.37 million tonne (MT), indicating a substantial 12.29% growth compared to the corresponding period last year at 591.64 MT.

In terms of coal dispatch, the Cumulative achievement in FY’ 2023-24 from April 2023 to 25th December 2023 amounted to 692.84 MT, indicating a noteworthy 11.32% growth compared to the corresponding period of previous year at 622.40 MT. This increase ensures a consistent and robust coal supply to meet the energy needs of the power sector.

Furthermore, the overall coal dispatch to power sector from April 2023 to 25th December 2023 increased by an impressive 8.39%, reaching 577.11 MT compared to 532.43MT during the corresponding period of the previous year.

As on 25.12. 2023, the overall coal stock position, including mines, thermal power plants (DCB), transit, etc., reached 91.05 MT, showing a commendable 21.57% growth from 74.90 MT on 25.12.22. Additionally, Pithead Coal Stock at Coal India Limited (CIL) on 25.12.23 stands at 47.29 MT, demonstrating a notable growth of 53.02% compared to the coal stock of 30.88 MT on 25.12.22.

The Ministry of Coal assures an ample coal supply to meet the growing energy demand in the country. Efficient coal supply to Thermal Power Plants (TPPs) has resulted in robust coal stock levels at various pitheads, highlighting the effectiveness of the coal supply chain in ensuring seamless distribution nationwide.

This higher coal stock position reflects the commitment of the Ministry of Coal to maintaining an ample coal supply and underscores effective stock management strategies and operational efficiency and consistent coal supply to meet the energy needs of the power sector.

Moreover, the uninterrupted availability of Coal Rakes, crucial for coal transportation, ensures a smooth evacuation process, effectively addressing transportation bottlenecks and guaranteeing a seamless coal supply.

With a commitment to continuous and comprehensive monitoring and evaluation of all operations, the Ministry of Coal significantly contributes to this impressive growth. The Ministry remains unwavering in its dedication to ensuring a reliable and uninterrupted power supply by embracing cutting-edge technological advancements, thus paving the way for a self-reliant Atmanirbhar Bharat.

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