Cochin Refineries Workers’ Association, A Trade Union Of BPCL Threaten To Strike Work

The Long Term Settlement of all the officers and the workmen in other Oil sector PSU’s and officers of BPCL has been revised according to the guidelines set out by the Dept. of Public Enterprises. But when it comes to the revision of workman wages, the BPCL management has put forward a proposal that endorse the privatization of the organization. The duration of settlement is set for a span of 10 years, but the offer includes certain clauses that give sole right to the Management to 1) Amend unilaterally, the LTS after June 2022, 2) To curtail the employee strength 3) To devoid of the retirement benefits like PF, pension etc. post privatization of BPCL, all being forced over the employees to favor the Private Corporates who has set their eyes on the MAHARATNA Company.

The BPCL Management has indulged in nefarious acts by creating an unholy nexus with one of the Trade unions in the Marketing division of BPCL, to accept the anti labor proposal, later on coercing one more union to take the cue and then pressurizes the employees of other unions to individually accept/sign the proposal.
Only 2 out of the 16 registered Trade Unions in BPCL have signed the Agreement with the Management and the Mgt. has geared up to issue the revised pay scale for this meager percentage (18%) of employees from the Month of November 2020.

Various Trade Unions are on a warpath against the discriminatory move of the BPCL Management to grant two scales of pay for similar categories in a firm.
The Management is expecting a cakewalk for privatization, to be read along with the Central Govt.’s declaration of entering in to the second phase towards privatization. It’s clear that the Management is acting as a puppet in the hands of the Central Government.

M.G.Aj, the General Secretary of Cochin Refineries Workers Association told that they have called for repealing all these anti-labor moves/policies of the BPCL Management that could harm the future prospects of the workmen in BPCL.

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