Comrade C. Srikumar Elected General Secretary of AIDEF For The 8th Consecutive Term

Another Senior Trade Union Leader, S.N.Pathak, was elected President of AIDEF

On the concluding day of the 27th National Convention of All India Defence Employees Federation, C. Srikumar was elected as the General Secretary for another 3 years term.

C. Srikumar was elected for the first time as General Secretary of AIDEF during the year 2000 in the 20th National Convention of the Federation. C. Srikumar is not only a popular leader of the Defence Civilian Employees but of the entire Central Government Employees. He holds various positions in the Trade Union. He is the National Executive Committee Member of AITUC and recently elected as the Deputy General Secretary of World Federation of Trade Unions. He was a part of the Indian Tripartite Delegation which participated in the Centenary Celebrations of ILO at Geneva during the Year 2019. S. N. Pathak, another Senior Trade Union Leader, was elected as the President of AIDEF.

He also attended the WFTU Secretariat meeting held at Athens in Greece on the 8th & 9th of November 22 and participated with other World Trade Union Leaders in the grand Strike Rally of Greece Workers on the 9th of November 22.

The Convention adopted a Kanpur Declaration in which the aims and future task of the AIDEF. A copy of the AIDEFs Kanpur Declaration is published here for the benefit of the viewers of


15 – 18 NOVEMBER, 2022 AT KANPUR

Declaration concerning the Aims and Task of the AIDEF in the coming days.

The 27 National Convention of AIDEF held in the Kanpur from the 15 to 18 of November, 2022 hereby adopts the present declaration of the Aim and task of the All India Defence Employees Federation and of the Principles which should inspire the Defence Civilian Employees in the coming days. The 27 National Convention of AIDEF reaffirms the Fundamental Principles on which the Organization is based and in particular that

a) To strengthen, expand and develop the Defence Industry under the Government of India to achieve self reliance in Defence.
b) To mobilize the Defence Civilian Employees to achieve full Trade Union rights to all categories of employees including Chargeman, Office Superintendent etc. and to all the Defence Civilian employees working in Defence Establishments including Military Hospitals, Training Centers and SRO 17E Areas.
c) To protect the hard earned rights and for achieving new rights and benefits to the Defence Civilian Employees.
d) To maintain fraternal relationship with the likeminded organization for strengthening workers unity and Trade Union unity in the interest of the working class.
e) To fight to build up a new social system against economic and all types of exploitation and to build up a Socialist India, so as to ensure the prosperity of all the Citizens of the country irrespective of caste creed, sex, religion, language etc.
f) To ensure a decent work atmosphere, eradication of harassment and victimization, to raise the standard of living and to ensure a joint share of the fruits to all and to achieve a need based minimum wage taking in to account today’s life requirement and to ensure social security and old age security in the
form of guaranteed pension etc.

Reaffirming the above aims and principles, the 27 National Convention of AIDEF note that the Convention took place on the background of a dangerous situation in which the Government Industries including Defence, Railways etc., and the entire Government Sector, public sector is under serious threat of liquidation due to the neo-liberal economic policies being ruthlessly followed by the present Government. The Labour Laws achieved by the Indian Working Class due to more than a century old struggles is being snatched away in the name of 4 Labour Codes. Job permanency is taken away by contractual appointment in the name of “Fixed Term Employment” even in Government and Public Sector, including in the Armed Forces. The old age protection of Pension is also snatched from the workers in the name of disastrous National Pension System(NPS). The Trained Trade Apprentices are denied job opportunities by not filling up the large number of posts lying vacant in the Ordnance Factories, DRDO, Navy, MES, Navy, EME, AOC, DGQA, DGAQA, Air Force and other Defence Establishments. The 27 National Convention of AIDEF after discussion and open democratic dialogues resolves to fight back and to fix the following immediate priority Tasks.


  • To ensure a united and strong AIDEF and affiliated Unions and to maintain the principles as a Red Flag Union to maintain honesty, integrity and to keep the organizational interest in high esteem above the individual interest.
  • To fight relentlessly to force the Government to withdraw the Corporatisation of Ordnance Factories and to restore the status of the 41 Ordnance Factories as on 30 Sept. 2021 as a Government Organization.
  • To ensure full workload to all the 41 Ordnance Factories to fully utilize the manpower and Plant & Machineries.
  • To ensure the right of the employees of Ordnance Factory Employees to retain the status as Defence Civilian Employees/ Central Government employees till their superannuation.
  • To scrap the National Pension System (NPS) and to restore the old Pension Scheme.
  • To protect, strengthen and expand all the Defence Establishments including MES, DRDO, EME Workshops or Depots under AOC, DGQA, DGAQA, Naval, Army and Air Force units.
  • To end all types of outsourcing, privatization, contractualisation and to fill up all the posts lying vacant in the Defence Establishments.
  • To continue the struggle for no closure of any Defence Units, no abolition of Posts and no displacement of the employees from their Units.
  • To regularize the services of all contract, casual, daily waged workers employed in the Defence Establishments.
  • To ensure the effective functioning of all the JCM Councils, Additional Meeting Mechanism and also for setting up of IR Machinery / Productivity Council at the 7 Ordnance Factory Corporations in accordance with the settlement reached in the presence of the CLC(C).
  • To ensure the increased promotional prospects of all the Industrial Employees and non-Industrial Employees in all the Defence Establishments.
  • To ensure 100% appointment under compassionate appointment scheme to the dependents of deceased employees.
  • To ensure cashless treatment to all the Defence Civilian Employees and the Pensioners through CGHS empanelled Hospitals.

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