Countries Build On Sharm El Sheikh Implementation Plan In Copenhagen Climate Ministerial

But there was no new solid outcome of this meeting

Ministers and high-level representatives from close to 50 countries met in Copenhagen, Denmark, to engage in an informal exchange of views on critical issues on the global climate agenda. The aim of this meeting was to help countries build on the Sharm El Sheikh Implementation Plan. So that they can work towards achieving robust and transformative outcomes at United Arab Emirates, Sharm El Sheikh COP 28 to be convened in November – December, 2023.

But there was no new solid outcome of this meeting. The discussions on adaptation, mitigation, climate finance, loss and damage etc did not result in any new solid outcome or plan. Ministers acknowledged the findings of the latest IPCC reports and underscored the urgent need to deliver on transformative adaptation by providing means of implementation to enable the delivery of enhanced action.

It was once again highlighted that provision of finance remains the most fundamental enabler for ambitious climate action, and that current financial resources are severely inadequate. There were calls to utilize opportunities within and outside the UNFCCC process, including through the G7 and G20 processes.

Market mechanism was recognized as an important tool that could mobilize private finance and investment for climate action in developing countries. In addition to different forms of private and hybrid finance. This also contributes to the implementation of 1.5 aligned pathways.

The meeting was co-chaired by the COP 27 President H.E Sameh Shoukry and the COP 28 President Designate H.E. Sultan Al Jaber, and hosted by Minister Dan Jørgensen and the Danish Government.In addition to country representatives, the UNFCCC Executive Secretary, the UN Secretary General’s Special Advisor on Climate Action and Just Transition, and representatives from UNFCCC observer constituencies participated in the meeting.

The writer of this article is Dr. Seema Javed, a known Environmentalist, Journalist and Communications Expert

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