Dashehari Mangoes Flagged Off From Uttar Pradesh To USA For The First Time

Comprehensive testing and treatment center to come up near Jewar airport to promote agri exports

A large batch of Dashehari mangoes from Malihabad, Lucknow, has been flagged off to the United States for the first time. On Monday, the Central Institute for Subtropical Horticulture (CISH) exported four tons of Dashehari mangoes to the USA.

The Uttar Pradesh government aims to make this a recurring process to ensure good prices for mango producers. To facilitate exports to foreign markets, the Uttar Pradesh government is also preparing to establish a comprehensive testing and treatment center near Jewar Airport. This center will ensure that mangoes meet international quality standards before being transported directly via cargo planes to buyer countries.

Currently, mangoes and other agri produce are exported via passenger planes thereby incurring huge logistical costs for farmers. The process of acquiring 50 acres of land near Jevar Airport from the Yamuna Authority is underway to establish a facility for testing and treatment of agri produce to meet international quality and export standards.

A team headed by Shri. Manoj Kumar Singh, IAS, Agriculture Production Commissioner, visited Innova Food Park facility in Malur, Karnataka and studied the various
packaging and testing facilities available at Innova Food Park. This proposed facility near Jewar Airport will offer services such as hot water treatment, vapour treatment and gamma irradiation treatment to meet the demands of each country’s import regulations. Mangoes and other fruits will be also packaged here and exported directly via cargo planes.

Presently, the Central Institute for Subtropical Horticulture (CISH) in Lucknow provides hot water treatment facilities. Uttar Pradesh has mango orchards spread across 2.8 lakh hectares, producing over 4.5 million tons of mangoes annually. Efforts to boost mango exports have been ongoing since the pandemic, focusing on varieties like Dashehari from Malihabad, Chausa from western UP and Langda from eastern Uttar Pradesh.

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