Defence Civilian Employees On Warpath

Dear Comrades,
We are forwarding herewith *AIDEF Special Circular No. 222 Dated 17th Of September, 2020* on the following subject :-

1)    The Most Important Two Words In The Language Of The Working Class Is “unity” And “solidarity”
The Workers United Will Never Be Defeated !
When Spiders Unite, They Can Tie Down A Lion !
Fight With Full Confidence To Defeat The Evil Design Of The Present Government To Destroy The Ordnance Factories And All The State-Owned Defence Industries !
Let The Campaigning And Mobilisation Be Intensified For The Success Of Our Strike

2)    AIDEF Submit Its Concrete Suggestions On Proposed Revision Of RRS Of Skilled, Highly Skilled Gr-II And Highly Skilled Gr-I Of Industrial Cadre In MES.

3)    Leader/staff side Of the Departmental Council(JCM) writes DO Letter to The Defence Secretary And Chairman Of The Departmental Council(JCM) about the complete breakdown Of the functioning Of the Social Dialogue Mechanism Of JCM And Additional Meeting Mechanism Of Ministry Of Defence.

4)    AIDEF represents to MGO for restoration Of CRTG. 5.56 NATO(TAVOR) Production Target to the Ordnance Factories

With Greetings,
Yours Comradely,

General Secretary

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