Delhi Government Launches Integrated Command And Control Centre To Analyse Real-Time Data On Covid Management

Delhi government is launching an Integrated Command and Control Centre which will collate real-time data regarding Hospitals, ICU beds, availability of Oxygen and vaccines, tracking through GPS. This is imperative for efficient decision-making. The data will be made available to the officers through an application and will be
inclusive of information of private hospitals as well as covid care centers. While the number of cases has declined in Delhi yet Arvind Kejriwal insisted that the efforts of the Delhi Government will not decline. They have already set up 500 ICU beds in front of LNJP and 500 more were set up a few days ago. More oxygen beds are
to follow. Centers that were closed down after the first wave will also be reopened and strengthened. He also mentioned that based on the experience of the UK and US,massive vaccination can only curtail the impact of the virus. The Delhi government has contacted Dr.Reddy’s concerning giving Sputnik vaccine. The response is
awaited. Delhi’s Nodal minister for Covid management and Deputyy CM Manish Sisodia also accompanied the CM.

CM Arvind Kejriwal said, “Today here for the management of the Coronavirus, Delhi Government’s Integrated Command and Control Centre has been initiated. In this, a variety of Coronavirus-related data from all over Delhi will be collected on a real-time basis. What I mean by real-time basis is that it will capture whatever is
happening at this point in time. As you have seen, if we talk about oxygen then which hospital has how much oxygen, from where the oxygen tankers have left and where have they reached, it’s tracking through GPS. If we are to talk about the hospitals then how many beds are empty in a certain hospital, how many ICU beds are empty, how many oxygen beds are empty, similarly how many people have been vaccinated, what age group of people has been vaccinated. So, vaccine-related data, oxygen-related data, hospital-related data, data regarding the number of patients in a particular area, how many of them are active and how many have recovered, the geographical distribution, all this data is being captured. This is a good start because if the government takes decisions in the air,  then they are never successful. If the government takes those decisions based on data, then they will turn out to be more successful. Those decisions will be more effective and influential.”

He said, “This is just the beginning. This will be made more robust as and when we collect more and more data. I believe that this is a great initiative and I congratulate all those officers who have worked hard on this, to make it successful .”

He added, “This is inclusive of all the hospitals, private hospitals, COVID care centers, all institutions big and small. This data will also be made available to the department of the government working on Coronavirus-related information, through an app. If this data is not made available to the officers, then how will decisions
be taken? It will also be reviewed as to how much data will be given out to the general public.”

On being asked about the possibility of a Third wave, CM Arvind Kejriwal said, “If you are to see the second wave, the cases are reducing in Delhi but our efforts are not declining. Yesterday only we started 500 ICU beds in front of LNJP, similarly 3 days back too we started 500 ICU beds. We are going to install new oxygen beds also.
Our efforts will not decline no matter what because we know nothing of this disease as to when it may rise or fall again. So, our preparations will continue. Even the Covid care centers made after the first wave some of which were closed down after the second wave will now be made permanent and will be strengthened even further.”

He added, “The vaccination is very necessary , even the experience of those from the UK, the USA tells that if vaccination is carried out on a massive level, then the effects of Coronavirus can be curtailed . We are seeing that the Central Government is also trying its best and the State Governments are also trying their best . As
I understand as and when the availability of vaccine increases so and then the vaccination drive will catch its momentum . We have contacted the Dr . Reddy’s company for the Sputnik vaccine , we have written to them but have not received a complete response as to how much vaccine they can provide . We have asked for 67 lakh
Covishield doses , and asked them how much and when they can provide us the vaccines .”

In his tweet CM Arvind Kejriwal also mentioned , “Delhi govt has started an Integrated Command and Control Centre (ICCC). Data related to hospitals, oxygen, vaccination and other aspects of covid management are collected, collated and analysed on a real time basis. It will help us in making informed decision making.”

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