Delhi Police Harassing AAP Volunteers For Putting Posters Questioning PM For Unavailability Of Vaccines : AAP

Senior AAP leader and MCD in-charge Durgesh Pathak said “Namashkar, today throughout India there are piles of dead bodies everywhere. Today, people of all ages have fallen into the grip of Covid-19 and have lost their lives. Some are not finding hospitals, some are dying due to oxygen shortage, some aren’t getting ICUs, some are dying on the roads, some are losing their lives in ambulances. Everywhere only dead bodies can be seen. The situation is so adverse that cremation centers have filled up completely. Today thousands of bodies are floating in the rivers. Such horrible scenes, such a dire situation has never been faced by India. Such distressing
situations never came upon the people of India before. The lives of lakhs of people could have been saved; the lives of lakhs of people could have been preserved if they had somehow gotten a vaccine dose. Today people are sitting in front of the computer throughout the night to find vaccine slots. Today people are just making do what they can so that they can get the vaccine somehow. Today the elderly, our people above 45 years, are struggling in vaccine centers and dispensaries. They are not getting the vaccines! The only reason for this is that the Prime Minister of India and the Bharatiya Janta Party’s government have exported crores of vaccines of our country abroad. Crores of vaccines of this country that could have been given to our children, that could have been applied to our mothers, which could have been given to our aged elderly, those vaccines were sent abroad. They were sent to Pakistan, sent to Bangladesh, sent to Iran. Crores of vaccines were sent to 94 countries by Modi Ji. Because of this, today the people of India are suffering. They are dying in torment.”

Pathak said, “I’d like to tell the Delhi Police, I’d like to tell the Bharatiya Janta Party that you cannot arrest somebody for asking such questions because we live in a democracy. But despite this if you want to arrest, if you think that people will be silenced by imprisonment, then we’d like to tell you that these posters were
put up by the Aam Aadmi Party, these posters were put up by me. If you want to arrest, then arrest us, arrest our MLAs. Those poor, miserable people who paste these posters for Rs.100-200, those who drive autos, those who drive rickshaws, you are beating them up, you are calling them to the police station and arresting them. This
dictatorship will not work. So if you want to arrest then arrest us! We have put up these posters and put them up in every corner of Delhi. We will not stop; we will put up more posters and put them up in the entire country. Every citizen is asking this question that Modi Ji why did you send our children’s vaccines to other countries, to Pakistan. We have with us Kuldeep Bhai. Today 3 workers were picked up from the assembly and put in jail, 10 workers have been detained since morning! The police are continuously calling him; I’d like him to tell it.”

In another press conference, Senior AAP leader and MLA Atishi said, “ Today, I am going to introduce you to the vaccination status of 16th May 2021. As you all know, the second wave of Covid-19 is slowly subsiding but still, we cannot afford complacency, and vaccination needs to be ramped up because the second wave has been
extremely detrimental, and we we cannot say that an impending third wave will not rise and would not be even more dangerous. Therefore the only way to save the people of Delhi is by vaccinating them. We hope that the people of Delhi will come forward to get vaccinated and because of this, every day we present in front of you how many people have gotten vaccinated and how much stock is left .”

She said, “ Till now, in total 44,94,250 doses have been given to the segment of 45+, frontline workers and healthcare workers in Delhi out of which already 41,68,770 have been used, already have been administered. In total, as of the morning of 16th May, 3,25,480 doses of the vaccine were available to those belonging to this
segment. Till today evening, if we assume that the vaccination procedure is carried out the entire day, within these 70,000-80,000 doses will be used today. So, if we are to predict based on future consumption then, we are left with only 1 day of stock of Covaxin and 5 days stock of Covishield, for the segment of 45+, healthcare
workers and frontline workers. As we had shared already that we had received a consignment of Covishield yesterday but till now no stocks of Covaxin have been sent by the Government of India. Therefore only 1 day of stock will be available after today. We request the Central Government to make the stock of Covaxin available as soon as possible because there are a lot of people who have been administered the first dose of the vaccine and in the upcoming days, the time will also come for administering their second dose. If the second dose is not administered on time, then the efficacy of the first dose will reduce. Therefore, the Central Government must provide the Covaxin doses to Delhi for those belonging to the 45+ segment, as soon as possible .”

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