Details Of Properties In Dehradun WillBe Available Online By 2023

After the survey of four urban local bodies (ULBs) through the Geographic Information System (GIS) for mapping buildings using drones under the Urban Development Directorate (UDD), the details of all the properties will be available online by the year 2023. Currently, the property tax is submitted in the municipal corporations on the basis of the self-assessment of the property by the owners which cannot be calculated and verified physically by the municipal corporation every time. Since all the property holders do not deposit the property tax in all the municipal corporations, it leads to financial losses to the corporations every year. However, the mapping of the buildings through GIS will increase the revenue of the municipal corporations by manifold. This was informed by the urban planner of the directorate, Priya Bharadwaj. She informed that the directorate will use satellite images and aerial photographs for a thorough analysis of the buildings. Besides this, the directorate has also planned door to door survey for additional details like electricity connection, water connection, total rooms, kitchens and toilets seats a building have to get complete data of the buildings. Apart from buildings, the directorate will also identify things like roads, electric poles and dustbins which can be a revenue source for the administration.

Bharadwaj further informed that this collected data will be later used to generate a unique property identification number which will be helpful in providing various facilities to the locals of a certain area. According to her, this work will be done simultaneously in four ULBs which are Dehradun, Haridwar, Rudrapur and Rishikesh. She added that this whole project is funded by the World Bank and the mapping in the four ULBs will be completed within 18 months. “After feeding the details of properties to the online portal of the directorate, the quick assessment and appropriate calculation would be available online from the year 2023,” said Bharadwaj. However, she added that it also depends on the permission for the drone flying in ULBs and when the directorate will get the required approval from the department concerned, the project will be finished within 18 months. Moreover, the mapping of properties in these four ULBs is a pilot project by the directorate and on the basis of it, it will be executed on other ULBs too, added Bharadwaj.

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