Director (Technical) Central Coalfields Limited Visits Various Projects In Hazaribagh

Director Technical motivates officials to achieve production target

The visit of Technical Director (Operations) Rambabu Prasad to CCL Hazaribagh area appears to have been a comprehensive one, focusing on various coal mining projects and their operational aspects.

Mr. Prasad, along with the General Manager, inspected coal mines across various projects in the Hazaribagh area. During the inspection, information about coal production and mine expansion was gathered.

Direction and Instructions:

Mr. Prasad provided necessary directions to project officials with the aim of achieving the coal production target. Instructions were given to address challenges and obstacles in the way of mine expansion.

Compensation and Project Information:

The Technical Director, along with GM K.K. Sinha and other officials, visited a mine to assess the excavation project. Detailed information about the project, including challenges faced, was provided to Mr. Prasad. Assurances were made that the project would meet its production target, and support would be given for mine operations.

Parez East Excavation Project:

Mr. Prasad inspected the Parez East Excavation Project, gathering information from project officials. Challenges related to the halt in mine expansion due to land issues, specifically the presence of Duru Basti, were discussed. Mr. Prasad expressed the need to intensify efforts to remove Duru Basti for the mine’s expansion and subsequent rehabilitation.

Visit to Tapin Project:

The Technical Director, accompanied by the General Manager, visited the Tapin project. The purpose of the visit was not explicitly mentioned, but it can be inferred that similar discussions about the project and its challenges took place.

After the visit, Mr. Prasad motivated CCL officers and employees, emphasizing the importance of better team spirit to achieve production targets.
Commitment to Support:

Mr. Prasad assured that all necessary support would be provided to ensure the smooth running and expansion of the mines. In summary, the Technical Director’s visit involved a thorough inspection of various coal mining projects, addressing challenges faced by the projects, and providing motivation and assurance of support to meet production targets. The focus on removing obstacles like Duru Basti indicates a commitment to overcoming land-related issues for mine expansion.

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