Empowered Group Of Ministers Chaired By Defence Minister Should Act In The Nation’s Interest To Strengthen Ordnance Factory Boards : Say AIDEF, INDWF & BPMS

The Federations of Defence Civilian Employees, the left oriented AIDEF, congress affiliated INDWF & RSS affiliated BPMS after a patient waiting of more than 4 months after the conciliation settlement reached on 09/10/2020 on their indefinite strike demand to withdraw the Govt. decision to Corporatise the Ordnance Factories, the Federations have now plunged into their next phase of action programme. The Federations after coming to know that on the one side when the conciliation proceedings is pending, the Govt. in violation of the conciliation settlement is proceeding with its decision to implement Corporatisation of OFB through an EGOM meeting chaired by Rajnath Singh Defence Minister on 02/03/2021 have now issued a notice to the Secretary(DP) conveying their decision to observe 02/03/2021 as the Pledge Taking Day against Corporatisation of OFB. They have also stated in their notice they have deferred their strike with all honesty, sincerity and good faith, but the Govt. has failed to reciprocate the same. They have also told the Secretary(DP) that they wish that the policy makers of South Block may act in the Nation’s interest to strengthen OFB an institution which served the nation in all difficult times both during war and peace and has been the corner stone of self reliance and defence preparedness for the Nation.

Forwarding a copy of the notice service to the Secretary(DP) to Rajnath Singh, Chairman of the EGOM , the Federations have blamed that the successive senior officials of MoD/DDP are mostly responsible for the present situation of OFB and no accountability is fixed on them. They have also appealed to the EGOM that they cannot ignore the fact about the indigenization being done by OFB in the present set up itself in the manufacturing of Arjun Tank, Tank Engines, Mine Protected Vehicles, Dhanush & Sarang Guns, Trichy Assault Rifle, Bullet Proof Jacket and many troop comfort items etc. such a vital organization should not be destroyed through Corporatisation/Privatisation.

On 02/03/2021 all the 79 thousand strong workforce will taking the following pledge and the signed pledge will be forwarded to the Secretary(DP) & Defence Minister who is the Chairman of the EGOM.

The content of the pledge is as given below for the benefit of the viewers of www.indianpsu.com 

I (Name)  __________  (Desig.) ____  of _______________ Factory ____(Place) dedicate myself to strengthen the Defence Production to defend our mother land. I firmly  believe that the Govt. policy of corporatization/Privatisation of Ordnance Factories is a step towards selling it to private Corporates/capitalists. I pledge that I will not allow the sacrifices and sufferings of many of our fellow employees who lost their life at par with the Armed Forces in their line of duty to protect the nation. 

I hereby ensure that I will oppose any move of the Government to corporatize the Ordnance Factories that will weaken OFB and I will fight against the same till my last breath. 

I will not opt. for PSU/corporation at any cost  and will continue to be Central Govt. Employee/Defence Civilian Employees till my superannuation/retirement and will continue to draw my salary and Pension from the consolidated fund of India. 

I will vehemently oppose for any forcible change of my service conditions, an inalienable right granted to me by the constitution of India under Article-14, 16, 21, 309, 310 and 311 etc. I will protest against the ulterior move that will make OFB Corporation/PSU first and privatise next. 

I solemnly resolve in the nation’s interest that I will not join the proposed Corporation and I will prepared to any sacrifice to protect the most important and strategic Defence Industry Viz, OFB, so that its assets are not defrayed by vested interests.

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