Empowering Futures: Girls Empowerment Mission Triumphs At NTPC Unchahar With Inspiring Workshop And Cultural Evening

Through a powerful dance-drama centered on women's empowerment, the girls conveyed the message that women are not weak

NTPC Unchahar successfully concluded its Girls’ Empowerment Workshop with a vibrant cultural evening, demonstrating the power of dreams and the potential of young girls from neighboring villages. The workshop, themed “Sapnon Ki Udaan,” aimed to empower young girls with the skills and confidence to succeed in various life domains.

During the cultural evening, which marked the end of the 2024 session, the participating girls showcased their talents and skills acquired during the workshop. The event featured dance-dramas on various themes, yoga performances, and songs and dances addressing contemporary issues, leaving the audience mesmerized. For a moment, it seemed that these young girls had transformed from village children into versatile individuals capable of excelling in any field and bringing pride to their families, communities, and the nation.

Through a powerful dance-drama centered on women’s empowerment, the girls conveyed the message that women are not weak; they simply need opportunities to shine. Additionally, they demonstrated self-defense techniques, life skills, communication, public speaking, dancing, and other skills learned during the workshop, reinforcing the significance of NTPC’s initiative.

Head of Project Mandeep Singh Chhabra encouraged the girls, stating that the holistic development of talented rural girls is no longer just a corporate social responsibility for NTPC but an emotional commitment. He emphasized that as these girls progress in life, they will bring glory not only to their families but also to NTPC.

Ruma De Sharma, the Head of Human Resources, expressed gratitude towards the participating girls and their parents for placing their trust in NTPC. She highlighted that the workshop aimed to provide not just skill development training but also inspiration from notable figures such as Padma Shri Sudha Singh, CO Vandana Singh, mountaineer Poorna Malavat, and journalist Richa Jain Kalra, motivating the girls to never give up and strive for success.

The event was compered by Sneha Tripathi, Manager of Corporate Social Responsibility, along with the participating girls.

Dr. Disha Awasthi, Deputy General Manager of the Human Resources Department, extended her thanks to everyone involved. Among the attendees were Atul Kamalakar Desai, General Manager (Operations & Maintenance); K.D. Yadav, General Manager (Fuel Management); Mrs. Taruna Chhabra, President of Priyadarshini Ladies Club; senior member Neera Yadav, and other senior NTPC officials and staff.

The month-long workshop fostered emotional bonds between NTPC employees and the participating girls. As the workshop concluded, there were poignant moments when both the girls and the employees became emotional, with eyes welling up. It felt as if these girls were their own children, leaving behind a void in their hearts and homes. The event concluded with Mr. Chhabra and Mrs. Taruna Chhabra presenting certificates to the girls and their parents, who expressed their gratitude towards NTPC for this transformative experience.

NTPC Unchahar remains committed to the empowerment of young girls and looks forward to continuing this journey of nurturing talent and potential, fostering an environment where dreams take flight.

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