Ensure In-Patient Treatment For Employees Of Ordnance Factories Who Are Affected By Covid-19

Almost all the  Ordnance Factories are working with full strength of employees even in this Covid-19 pandemic period. The Govt. orders for working with 50% employees in Central Govt. Employees is not being extended to Ordnance Factories.  Due to this more and more employees are tested Covid- 19 Positive and many employees have already succumbed to death. Report are being received from Kanpur, Chennai and other places that  Hospitals are refusing to admit the patients on the plea that there is no bed and there is no Oxygen. In this situation Ordnance Factory Board have instructed all the General Managers that Ordnance Factory Hospitals
should immediately create/augment  Covid beds  in their 25 Hospitals with Oxygen facilities. However the Unions complained that none of the Hospitals have augmented their capacity for Covid-19 treatment. In this situation C. Srikumar General Secretary of All India Defence Employees Federation has written to the Chairman of
Ordnance Factory Board that all the Hospitals in the Ordnance Factories should immediately provide inpatient treatment facilities with dedicated beds for Covid-19 treatment without further delay. www.indianpsu.com accessed a copy of AIDEF letter dtd. 03/05/2021. The content of the letter is given below for information of our
viewers –

Sub: Undue  delay in resurgence  of Covid-19 case, creation/ Augmentation of Covid Beds in the O.F.Hospitals

Ref:  OFB Lt. 020/OHC/CD/COVID-19/PER/M, Dt.21/04/2021

It is now more than 10 days after the issue of the above instructions by OFB. According to the OFB Instructions, certain number of beds have to be exclusively kept dedicated for Covid treatment. The instructions further states that maximum of the covid beds should have the facility for 24×7 Oxygen through Cylinder/Central
Oxygen/Oxygen concentrator as per prevailing local circumstances. However according to the information available with us, none of the Factories have started functioning with the facilities of Covid beds. It is a matter of serious concern that in majority of the Govt. Hospitals and recognized Private Hospitals there is an
acute shortage of beds and Oxygen facilities. Due to this many of our employees and their dependents have become the victims of Covid-19. Moreover the number of positive cases in Ordnance Factories and Factory Estates is also getting increased creating anxiety and fear in the minds of the employees.

In view of the above situation it is requested that all the Sr.GMs/GMs may please be once again instructed  to immediately implement the instructions of OFB and to ensure the functioning of the dedicated Covid beds with Oxygen facilities. 

Awaiting for your immediate and favourable action please

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