Federations Of Defence Civilian Employees Claims Support Of Over 1 crore Workerson For “National Black Day”

All efforts to forge a broad based unity of working class irrespective of their affiliation, say federations

Today, the country witnesses massive demonstrations in different parts of the Country, in Defence Establishments, Railway Stations, Post Offices, Central Government Offices, District Headquarters and Taluka Headquarters. The working class of the Country irrespective of their affiliations came to the street in support of the “National Black Day” observed by the 4 lakh Defence Civilian Employees against the draconian EDSO-2021 and against the Corporatization of 41 Ordnance Factories.

According to C.Srikumar / General Secretary of AIDEF today’s “National Black Day” programme was more than expected since they have received support from the entire working class of the Country in both organized and unorganized sectors. Even now according to him reports are coming about the observance of the “National Black Day” programme from different parts of the Country and from various Industries. He claims the “National Black Day” programme was a massive success and it encourages the Defence Civilian Employees for further intensified struggle against the draconian EDSO-2021 and Corporatization. He thanked all the Central Trade Unions and Industrial Federations for extending all solidarity and support to their struggle.
The 5 Federations which are spear heading the agitation has issued a joint press statement about the success of the agitation. The contents of their press statement is given below for the benefit of for the benefit of the viewers of www.indianpsu.com –

More than a crore workers joined in the “Black DAY” struggle on 08/07/2021 of the four lakh Defence Civilian Employees against the draconian Essential Defence Services Ordinance 2021

Congratulations to the working class and their Trade Unions for joining together to Protect the hard earned rights of the working class!
A joint call was given by the Federations of 4 lakhs Defence Civilian Employees to observe a nation vide “Black Day” on 08/07/2021 against the draconian Essential Defence Services Ordnance 2021 (EDSO 2021) promulgated by the President of India on 30th June 2021. Government through this Ordnance has completely banned strike in the Defence Industry and has kept draconian provisions like dismissal from service without inquiry, imprisonment up to two years etc. The 76000 Defence Civilian employees of the 41 Ordnance Factories under the Ministry of Defence have decided to go for a indefinite Strike from 26/07/2021 against the arbitrary and biased decision taken by the present Government in violation of all previous written assurances and agreement to splinter the 41 Ordnance Factories in to 7 non-viable Corporations. All the efforts taken by the Federations to resolve the dispute through democratic, peaceful and legal means failed since the Government is not prepared to listen to the after corporatization concerns expressed by the Federations about the existence and survival of the Ordnance Factories and its serious impact on the Defence preparedness of the country and also about the service life of the 76000 employees. Therefore left with no other option the Federations as a last resort has taken the decision to commence an indefinite strike demanding for withdrawal of the Government decision to slice the Ordnance Factories in to seven pieces commencing from 26/07/2021.

The Government instead of settling this Industrial Dispute either through Industrial Dispute Act 1947 or through bilateral discussions have taken the extreme step of crushing the strike Right of the Defence Civilian Employees through iron hands by promulgating the draconian EDSO 2021 on 30th June 2021. The Federations passed a resolution condemning the EDSO 2021 and demanded for its withdrawal since it takes away their constitutional democratic and legal right to protest against in-justice. The Federations have also decided to observe 08/07/2021 as a Black Day in all the Defence Establishments by holding black flag demonstration. The call given by the Defence Employees Federation was fully supported by all the Central Trade Unions, Industrial Federations and political parties. Accordingly, the Black Day protest programme was held successfully throughout the country on 08/07/2021. Apart from the four lakh Defence Civilian employees more than a crore of workers from all the other sectors like Railways, Postal, Income tax, State Government Employees, Public Sector Employees and even unorganized workers participated in the black day protest.
The Federation congratulate the working class of the country and all their Trade Unions for joining hands with the Defence Civilian Employees in this historical Struggle to save the Democratic rights and also the 41 Ordnance Factories from corporatization and privatization. We thank the workers and their Trade Unions for making the Black Day program a grand success. The struggle against EDSO 2021, Corporatization and Privatization in Defence will be further intensified in the coming days.

We are taking all efforts to forge a broad based unity of the working class irrespective of their affiliation to fight against the snatching of democratic rights and Corporatization and privatization of Government Organizations.

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