Filmy Type Theft Of Diesel Thwarted By IOCL In Delhi

IndianOil has also stepped up its leak detection mechanism to avoid repetition of such incidents

Thanks to its robust leak-detection mechanism, IndianOil could successfully thwart a nefarious effort to pilfer oil from its underground petroleum pipeline passing through Sec-23 Dwarka area of Delhi. The pipeline in question originates from Mathura and traverses up to Jalandhar in Punjab (MJPL).

The vigilant mechanism of the top India refiner could pin-pointedly detect the site where the pilferers had attempted to puncture its high pressure pipeline. The oil mafia had a grand design which is evident from the fact that they had dug a 40-m long parallel channel for transport of the pilfered oil in highly inhabited area. However, the designs were successfully curbed with timely action by leak detection technology.

A pressure drop was observed in the night of 26th Sep 2023 in Bijwasan – Tikrikalan stretch which is part of Delhi – Panipat section of MJPL. In-Line-Inspection of the section with highly precise tool carried out from 29.09.2023 to 01.10.2023 to exactly pin point the location, as the area is highly inhabited with dense construction in the both sides of Pipelines. On subsequent data analysis, the point was dig on 03.10.2023 and the location could be ascertained. The pipeline has already been restored by IndianOil with removal of attachment and rectification of the section. Police has succeeded in arresting one suspect and expected to crack the theft attempts soon. As per the sources robbers had succeed in stealing around 5000 litres of Diesel costing around Rs. 5.0 lakh.

Sources say that while one arrest has been made, Delhi Police have identified the other accused including the mastermind of the case. In the meantime, IndianOil too, has stepped up its leak detection mechanism to avoid repetition of such efforts by miscreants.

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