For 45+ And Healthcare/Frontline Workers, Covaxin’s Stock Left For 3 Days And Covishield’s Stock For 2 Days : AAP

Aam Aadmi Party (AAP)’s senior leader and MLA Atishi presented the vaccination bulletin through a video address on Friday and stated that for 45+ and healthcare/ frontline workers, Covaxin’s stock is left for 3 days and Covishield’s stock only for 2 days. She added that For 18-44, Covaxin stock ended, and Covishield’s stock is
available for 8 days only. Atishi declared that Delhi has administered a total of 43,67,243 doses, out of which 10,00,000 people have been fully vaccinated with both the doses. Atishi further added that about 1,23,188 doses were administered on 13th May, out of which, 51,091 doses to 18-44, and 72,097 doses to 45+. She said that
people who had already taken their first dose of Covaxin and are ready to take the second shot cannot get jabbed due to unavailability of vaccines. Atishi made a humble appeal to the centre to supply sufficient vaccines for those between 18-44 age group and those above 45 as well.

Atishi said, “Yesterday, on the 13th of May, 1,23,188 doses were administered. Out of these, 51,091 shots were given to those between 18-44 age group, and 72,097 people above the age of 45 and healthcare/frontline workers got their jabs. Second doses were administered to nearly 40,000 people. Until yesterday evening, Delhi has administered a total of 43,67,243 doses. Nearly 10,00,000 people out of these have received both their shots and are fully vaccinated. Thus, evidently, Delhi is ramping up its vaccination programme at a very high speed. The reason behind the decreased inoculations of those between 18-44 is the shortage of vaccines, especially
Covaxin, the stock of which has ended. Hence, the 140 centres administering Covaxin have been temporarily closed down.”

Citing the position of remaining stock in Delhi, Atishi added, “To those above 45 years of age, and healthcare/frontline workers, we had received 43,20,490 doses, out of which 40,95,380 doses have already been used. Hence, until today morning, 2,25,110 doses are left for this category. Hence, Covaxin’s stock is left nearly for 3 days, and Covishield’s stock for 2 days. We are hoping that the next installment will arrive soon from the central government. Now, for those between the 18-44 age group, we received about 8,17,690 doses, out of which 1.5 lakh doses are of Covaxin, and nearly 6,67,000 of Covishield. Out of these, 4,71,000 doses have already been
administered. For this category, we are left with nearly 3,46,000. Since we have already stated that Covaxin’s stock has nearly ended, Covishield’s stock is left for about next 8 days.”

Atishi lastly added, “We are hoping that the centre will supply a sufficient stock of vaccines at the earliest. We all are aware of the fact that Delhi has been one of the most severely affected states and is still grappling with the virus. A sigh of relief is that the second wave is witnessing a declining trend. However, an impending second wave can be stopped only through mass vaccination. The Deputy CM had informed yesterday that Bharat Biotech has refused to supply any new doses of Covaxin to us unless the centre approves the supply. There are a number of people who have already taken their first dose of Covaxin, and are ready to take the second
shot very soon. However, due to unavailability of vaccines, they are unable to get the jabs. Hence, it is my humble appeal to the centre to supply sufficient vaccines for those between 18-44 age group and those above 45 as well.”

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