Forest Officials Conduct Comprehensive Review At NTPC North Karanpura

Officials extended their inspection to the Magadh and Amrapali Mines

Today, a high-level delegation comprising key forest officials visited the NTPC North Karanpura to undertake a comprehensive review of the ongoing projects in the region. Leading the delegation was Shri Sanjay Srivastava, PCCF, Jharkhand, accompanied by Shri Satish Chandra Rai, RCCF, Hazaribagh, and Shri Saroj Bhai Patel, CF, Hazaribagh.

In addition to assessing the developments at NTPC North Karanpura, the officials extended their inspection to the Magadh and Amrapali Mines, strategically located adjacent to the NTPC North Karanpura. This visit aimed to gain firsthand insights into the operational intricacies and environmental considerations associated with the mining projects.

The tour witnessed the presence of Shri Swapnendu Kumar Panda, HOP, who was joined by RED Coal Mining, all GMs, HOHR, DGMs, and DFOs.

Their collaboration facilitated a comprehensive discussion on project milestones, environmental compliance, and future initiatives.

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