Government’s Move To Demolish CGHS By Linking It With ABHA Not Acceptable : C. Srikumar, Veteran Trade Union Leader

Linking CGHS with ABHA will dismantle CGHS and to force Government employees to depend upon Government Hospitals which are already overloaded

The Central Government Pensioners Associations and the Trade Unions are furious against a recent Circular issued by the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare on 28th of March 2024. According to this Circular issued by Health Ministry it has now become mandatory for the CGHS beneficiaries including the Central Government Pensioners to link the CGHS ID card with the Government of India Ayushman Bharat Health Account (ABHA).

This has been a topic of discussion in social media and opinions against this are being expressed by the employees and Senior Citizens about the motive of the Government towards this step. It seems that the Ministry of Health has failed to take the JCM Staff Side and the Pensioners Associations in to confidence before taking such policy decision which have serious implications. Many representations have already gone to Ministry of Health in this regard. One such representation which accessed was that of the General Secretary of AIDEF who is also a member of National Council JCM.

The representation is given below for the benefit of the viewers of

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