Harrowing Experience With PNB Housing Finance Limited

Seems one has committed a sin by taking a home loan from PNBHFL

Well, this is my own story. In the year 2016, I had taken a loan – Case Number : 05311520 || Re: PNB HOUSING : HOU/DEL/0716/302626, from PNB Housing Finance Limited.

This year, when I decided to go for pre-closure of the loan, I faced the most harrowing experience of my life in terms of banking. I wrote many emails to the customercare department of PNB Housing Finance Limited, asking them the exact amount to be repaid to them to get the loan account closed. Initially, there was no response and on sending many more emails, they send me the statement of the last financial year, but there was no mention of the amount to be repaid. I got the contact number of the branch manager of PNBHFL, who despite answering my queries, questioned me as to how did I get his number and refused to be of any assistance.

Finally, after much persuation, the Barakhamba Branch personnel told me to deposit a cheque of Rs. 885/- for pre-closure of loan and it would be done within 20 working days. I did the same on May 06, 2024 and after this there was a complete unxepalined silence from PNBHFL.

After passage of the 20 working day period, when there was no response from PNBHFL, I raised the issue again in the first week of June, 2024. I even sent several emails and X messages to Mr. Girish Kousgi, MD & CEO, Punjab National Bank Housing Finance Limited but to no avail.

All I received was a call that I should be visiting the Barakhamba Branch of PBBHFL on June 10, 2024. When I asked the caller from PBBHFL the exact amount to be paid, he drew a blank, saying that he was not calling from the concerned branch and only the specific branch would be able to give the exact figure.

I got to know the exact amount from the branch on June 10,that is today morning and got the cheque (not account payee) deposited. Again, for my original property papers deposited with the Barakhamba Branch of PNBHFL, I was told that this would take 10 more days.

The story does not end here. Three hours after depositng the total amount, another instalment has been deducted by PNBHFL from my account.

Just wondering if PNB Housing Finance Limited does this with its customers, what would be the plight of persons who take loans from private players…

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