IMPAR Issues Eid Advisory for COVID -19 Protocols

The 7 point guidelines seek to ensure safety and austerity measures to be strictly followed. IMPAR in consultation with its High Powered Religious Affairs Committee  (IMPAR-RAC), comprised of eminent Islamic scholars,  has issued the guidelines in English, Hindi and Urdu,  calling upon the people to offer Eid prayers at homes, no
to shopping, avoiding extravagant Eid meals and donate the money saved to the suffering people, irrespective of caste and creed. IMPAR advises to stay home and perform prayers.

In case of city Jama Masjids or Eidgahs, wherever administration allows, a minimum gathering and with strict Covid safety guidelines the Eid Namaz may be performed. Rest all places perform prayers at homes. IMPAR has advised its members to look out for poor and needy and those stranded and need food, medicine or any other help. The first priority of Zakat spending must be these people, and those suffering from corona, said IMPAR President, Dr. MJ Khan. Zakat, which is paid during Ramazan month @ 2.5% of the assets and is mandated for all Muslims must be spent on poor and destitute for feeding, paying some ones’ school fees, paying rent, helping
re-start the business etc.

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