IMPAR Welcomes Uttar Pradesh Population Control Bill

IMPAR believes in the people having a decent and dignified living and high quality of life

Indian Muslims for Progress and Reforms welcomes and supports “Uttar Pradesh Population (control, stabilization and welfare) Bill 2021 “. The reasons to support the population policy are its aims to lower down the ever increasing population of state while the policy is formulated keeping all sections of the society in mind. This is a Bill to revitalize efforts and provide for measures to control, stabilize and provide welfare to the people of the State by implementation and promotion of two child norm. Furthermore, the bill aims to provide better healthcare services and accessible solutions to infertility and reducing infant and maternal mortality rate and check malnutrition.

It must be noted that the population pressure on natural resources in the country is high by any world standards. The land to population ratio is much more disturbed in high population states, such as Kerala, UP, Bihar and Bengal to name a few. And consequently the pressure on natural resources, basic services and Government programs is very high. In the State of Uttar Pradesh there are limited natural and economic resources at hand, it is necessary that the provision of the basic necessities of human life including affordable food, safe drinking water, decent housing, access to quality education, livelihood, economic opportunities, power and electricity for domestic consumption, and a secure living is accessible to all citizens.

IMPAR believes in the people having a decent and dignified living and high quality of life with all basic services and economic opportunities than a high population and which is devoid of even basic services. A nation is respected, when it fairs high on various global living standard parameters and socio-economic indices. It is therefore long overdue move by the State and IMPAR welcomes it.

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