Inauguration Of Girls Empowerment Mission At NTPC Unchahar

A new slogan "Flight of Dreams" has been coined to harness the power of determination among 120 girls

The NTPC has taken the initiative for the empowerment of rural young girls. With a commitment to make India self-reliant in the energy sector through continuous electricity generation, NTPC has launched a massive campaign to nurture the hidden talent of young girls around its projects with equal responsibility and sensitivity. Through the Girl Empowerment Campaign, NTPC has been making continuous efforts over the past several years to provide a platform to girls in villages near its projects to polish their talents and groom their personalities. Hundreds of girls have already benefited from this initiative. This year, under the Girl Empowerment Campaign, a new slogan “Flight of Dreams” has been coined to harness the power of determination among 120 girls.

The inauguration ceremony was conducted with the lighting of lamps by the project head of Unchahar, Mandeep Singh Chhabra, along with the president of the Priyadarshini Ladies Club, Taruna Chhabra, and other senior officials. Mr. Chhabra, addressing the program, expressed satisfaction that they have the opportunity for the empowerment of girls. Under this, the skills of girls will be developed, making their personalities multidimensional. Mr. Chhabra expressed confidence that this program will provide a new impetus to the aspirations of trained girls to fulfill their dreams.

During the inauguration ceremony, girls from the previous year presented cultural dances and songs. Along with this, girls participating this year also took part in cultural programs. Faculty member Vandita Samuel from the Institute ‘My Gen AI’ outlined the program, saying that besides education, girls will be taught subjects like karate, music, dance, yoga, and soft skills for their all-round development. Efforts will also be made to boost the self-confidence of girls.

Before this, Head of Human Resource Ruma De Sharma welcomed everyone and said that the girls trained under the NTPC Unchahar’s canopy will not only empower themselves but also play a significant role in empowering India.

During the program, guests cut cakes with the girls and encouraged them by sweetening their mouths. The program was conducted by CSR Manager Sneha Tripathi.

On this occasion, General Manager (Operations and Maintenance) Atul Kamalakar Desai, General Manager (Fuel Management) KD Yadav, General Manager (Operations) Rajesh Kumar, Assistant Commandant CISF Ramphal, Assistant Commandant CISF (Fire) RS Sirohi, Pradhan of Purwara Village Anand Pandey, Pradhan of Jasauli Village Shamshad, Representative of Gram Pradhan of Bikkai Subhash Maurya, Representative of Gram Pradhan of Khurampur Vinay Shukla, Union and Association Officials, other department heads, senior members of the Priyadarshini Ladies Club, senior officers of the Human Resource Department, and a large number of employees, women, and children were present. At the end of the program, Assistant Chief General Manager (Human Resources) Dr. Disha Awasthi expressed gratitude to everyone.

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