India’s First State-of-the Art Wholesale Fish Market To Come Up In Chandauli, Uttar Pradesh

Wholesale, retail and all equipment related to fish farming, seeds, medicines, fodder to be available under one roof

By Ratnesh Rai

In order to double the income of fishermen of Purvanchal, the construction work of ultra modern fish market is to be started at a cost of 61.87 crores on 1 hectare at Delhi-Kolkata National Highway in Chandauli. PM Modi has already expressed great potential regarding fishery from the platform of GIS-23.

This market will be ultra modern and of international standard. Here, wholesale, retail and all equipment related to fish farming, seeds, medicines, fodder will be available under one roof. Not only this, there will be many facilities including exclusive fish restaurant, conference hall for training and a processing unit too. This project will be ready by July 2024.

Fish restaurant, training and business of fisheries will be under one roof

District Magistrate Chandauli said that this would be the country’s first state-of-the art wholesale fish market for fish related business, which would also have fish wholesale and retail market. Here seeds, feeds, medicines and equipment will be available under one roof. New technology being used around the world regarding fish farming will be displayed in the modern exhibition hall. A conference hall will also be prepared for training, seminars etc. of fishermen. On the other hand, there will also be an exclusive fish restaurant on the second floor on PPP model, where one can taste various types of fish dishes.

Employment will be generated, production will increase

DM Isha Duhan told that apart from Chandauli, the state-of-the art wholesale fish market will prove to be a milestone for the entire Purvanchal. This will not only boost the income of fish farmers but will also encourage other people to take up fisheries. New employment opportunities will be generated there. Its construction will only increase the income of 1125 fish farmers of Chandauli by getting fair price for their products, direct employment will be available to 125 and more than 1000 people will be employed indirectly. There will also be 111 shops in the market.

Centre, State and Mandi Council will bear the cost

The entire building will be centrally air-conditioned. There is also a plan to install 400 KW solar power to save energy. The routes of arrival and departure will be different. Special arrangements will also be made so that the foul smell of fish does not spread. A guest house will also be built for traders and truck drivers. Mandi Parishad will spend Rs 11.87 crore along with Rs 30 crore from the central government and Rs 20 crore from the state government for the construction of the State of Wholesale Fish Market.

State of Wholesale Fish Market will be equipped with many facilities

G+ Experience Center of 3 floors will have exhibition hall, museum, 2 conference, seminar hall and 6 lecture halls.

G Plus will be a 2 storey whole sale block with three types of shops.

G Plus will be a 2nd floor retail block with retail store, retail restaurant.

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