IREDA Releases Vigilance Journal ‘Pahal’

The ceremony took place at the registered office of IREDA in New Delhi

Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency (IREDA), Government of India enterprise under the administrative control of Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, has unveiled released ‘Pahal’- the insightful house journal of its Vigilance Department. The journal has been unveiled by Chairman & Managing Director of IREDA, Shri Pradip Kumar Das on January 25, 2024. The ceremony took place at the registered office of IREDA in New Delhi, where Chief Vigilance Officer Shri Ajay Kumar Sahani and other senior officials graced the occasion. The initiative marks a significant step towards transparency, accountability, and the promotion of renewable energy initiatives by IREDA.

During the unveiling, CMD Shri Pradip Kumar Das expressed his enthusiasm for the initiative, highlighting the potential impact of increased employee and children’s participation in ‘Pahal.’ He emphasized the importance of fostering awareness among children through their contributions, such as articles and poems, which can play a pivotal role in promoting renewable energy development.

“We believe that encouraging active participation from our employees and their children in the Vigilance Journal will not only enhance awareness but also create a more profound impact on Renewable Energy Development,” Shri Das added.

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