Kejriwal Asks Centre To Cancel Flights To & From Singapore Amidst Concerns Of New Covid Strain

Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal on Tuesday requested the Centre to suspend flights to and from Singapore with immediate effect in the wake of a new strain detected in that country which is suspected to affect more children. Kejriwal said this new Singapore strain could mark the advent of the third wave of Covid-19 in the country and urged the Centre to give priority to identifying vaccines for children to fight the virus.

Kejriwal’s comments came in the wake of a new strain of Covid-19 detected in Singapore, forcing it to shut schools from Wednesday as it is suspected to affect more children, like the Indian strain of the virus.

“The new form of Covid-19 that has come to Singapore is being said to be extremely dangerous for children. In India, it may come as a third wave. My appeal to the Central government: 1. Air services with Singapore be cancelled with immediate effect 2. Priority on vaccine options should be worked out for children too,” Kejriwal tweeted earlier in the day.

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