LD Gas Holder-2 Of Visakhapatnam Steel Plant Commissioned After Repairs

This will enable RINL to enhance the Production of Liquid Steel

Two numbers of LD Gas Holders were installed at RINL, One during the 3.0 MTPA stage and the other during 6.3 MTPA Expansion stage to handle the LD gas (with Calorific Value of about 1650 K Cal / NM3) generated from LD Converters of Steel Melt Shops during blowing. The LD gas that is stored in these Gas holders will be pumped to the LD Gas network which mainly caters to the fuel requirement of Furnaces in 6 Rolling Mills and also will be used in Boilers of Thermal Power Plant of RINL.

The LD Gas being toxic and explosive in nature, any misalignment or cracks may lead to catastrophic failures detrimental to both the equipment and also to the human safety.

Due to breakdown, the repair of LD Gas holder-2 of RINL was taken up in February 2021 at a value of about Rs 20 Crores and completed in February 2023 amidst COVID-19 (3rd wave) and Financial crisis being faced by RINL.

Commissioning and putting back this LD gas Holder-2 into Operation will enable RINL to enhance the Production of Liquid Steel (number of Heats) as higher volumes of LD Gas generated in Converters of Steel Melt Shop can be handled effectively.

Sri A.K.Bagchi, Director(Projects) & Additional Charge Director (Operations), RINL along with CGM (Projects)-I/c and CGM (Works)-I/c visited the project site and congratulated all the stakeholders for their concerted efforts and called upon the RINL collective to adhere to the best practices and Safety norms.

Shri Atul Bhatt, CMD, RINL congratulated the RINL collective for their concerted efforts in the commissioning of the LD Gas holder-2 of RINL which will enhance the Production of Liquid Steel.

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