Mahanagar Gas Limited Launches “MGL CNG Mahotsav”

Benefits worth INR 19,999/- for new or retrofitted CNG cars, Incentive of up to INR 5 lakhs for new or retrofitted CNG Commercial Vehicles

Mahanagar Gas Limited (MGL), one of the largest City Gas Distribution (CGD) companies in India, launched a new scheme ‘MGL CNG Mahotsav’ for purchase of new Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) vehicles as well as for retrofitment of existing petrol or diesel vehicles to CNG in Mumbai, Thane & Raigad Districts.

The scheme, which can be availed on purchase of cars as well as Commercial CNG vehicles, is launched to further encourage use of CNG, a clean & green energy. Mahanagar Gas Limited has partnered with OEM’s for promoting new CNG vehicles and with leading CNG kit distributors to promote quality retro-fitment. The lucrative scheme offers new CNG car owners of select models CNG Fuel cards worth ₹19,999/- and for new Commercial vehicle buyers, incentives of ₹ 2 to 5 lakhs depending on Vehicle model.

The incentive will be available as a CNG fuel Card for new vehicle purchase & as an upfront Incentive for retrofitment

TypeGross Vehicle Weight (GVW) in TonsFuel Card / Incentive Value (₹/ Vehicle)
Commercial Vehicle> 3.5, < 102,00,000
Commercial Vehicle≥10, < 15 tons3,50,000
Commercial Vehicle155,00,000
Pvt Buses 3,00,000

The fuel cards can be used to fill CNG in vehicles in the +310 outlets. Commercial vehicles can also utilise the fuel cards for CNG filing at few BEST bus depots like Ghatkopar and Goregaon by booking their slots through “MGL Tez” app .

Commenting on MGL CNG Mahotsav, Shri Ashu Shinghal, Managing Director, Mahanagar Gas Limited said, “We are pleased to announce launch of this new scheme. While there is growing awareness about the adoption of clean fuels, we anticipate the offer will provide the incentive for people to transition to CNG.”

“We would also like to thank our partners OEM’s as well as Kit Distributors , who joined us in making this scheme possible. We are overwhelmed at their positive quick response and have no doubt that it would not have been possible to launch a scheme of this scale, encompassing such a large range of vehicles without their support. We hope that the new scheme is advantageous to people who are looking to purchase new vehicles as well as for retrofitment and encourages more people to switch to cleaner & greener fuel i.e. CNG, he added.

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