Mahanagar Gas Limited To Energize National PNG Drive By PNGRB

MGL introduces PNG Ka Mahotsav Scheme

Mahanagar Gas Limited, one of the largest City Gas Distribution companies in India, will be participating in the National PNG Drive – an initiative by Petroleum and Natural Gas Regulatory Board to promote the usage of Piped Natural Gas (PNG). The launch of this nationwide initiative is scheduled for 26th January 2024, where Mahanagar Gas Limited will play a pivotal role.

The PNG Drive being conducted with the objective of expanding the reach and accessibility of domestic PNG across the country aims to promote PNG adoption among households and expand the PNG customer base to a wider segment of the population.

As a part of the drive, Mahanagar Gas Limited has introduced “PNG Ka Mahotsav” scheme, a unique initiative that will offer free gas worth Rs. 3000 for a year to every new customer from gasified buildings who opts for a PNG connection till 31 March 2024. The scheme is available for registrations from buildings wherein first conversion happened before 01 January 2022. The credit amount will appear in the Credit Balance/Discount/Rebate item in the MGL bill. The credit balance will be adjusted against the customer’s full gas bills and to be utilized within one year or 6 bills whichever is earlier.

In addition to this, various payment plans for PNG registration have been drawn up by MGL for providing the convenience of environmentally friendly safe fuel, PNG. Pocket-friendly EMI schemes, wherein our customers can opt for payment of their registration charges over a period of 2 years or 7 years, as per their convenience have been implemented. Also, keeping the convenience of Rental/Investors flats provision of payment of registration charges in the form of Fixed Daily charges of Re.1 till the connection is active is also in place.

Commenting on the initiative, Mr. Ashu Shinghal, Managing Director, Mahanagar Gas Limited said, “We are pleased to be part of the National PNG Drive initiated by PNGRB. Our PNG Ka Mahotsav scheme and other registration payment plans are designed to simultaneously encourage registrations and contribute to a cleaner, more sustainable environment”.

“We believe this incentive will motivate more individuals to embrace the benefits of Piped Natural Gas.” Mr. Shinghal added further.

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