Manmeet Kumar, Leading Spiritual Coach, Psychic And Medium – Illuminating The Lives Of Thousands Across The Globe

Meet Manmeet Kumar, India’s Leading Spiritual Coach, Psychic And Medium. Born in an army family and had a glorious career of 19 years panning various industries leading senior sales and marketing roles across India. Manmeet has been educated and trained in field microbiology and businesses administration. She has worked with Vodafone, Samsung, Taj Hotels, Leela Hotels, CWT and many more reputed organizations.

She was intuitive ever since she was a child and could recall her past lives. Her awakening happened when she had an out of body experience at night 6 years ago. She got connected with her Angels and Spirit Guides who showed her true purpose of existence. This was a life changing moment for her. Taking the leap of faith and trusting the universal guidance, she decided to quit her well established corporate career of 19 years and enter the world of Spirituality.

She is also a medical medium, which means she can scan someone’s physical body with her intuitive mind and guide them on their health issues which might even occur near future. She is one of the rare medical mediums in India.

Given her spiritual awakening, she decided to dedicate her life to her dream of touching 5 million lives. Her dreams take her to various countries to teach people the rare and ancient technique of Automatic Writing. Manmeet’s teachings are a combination of science and spirituality. Her unique tools and techniques make her one of the few and powerful teachers of Automatic Writing in the world.

Through her Psychic abilities, she has found missing girls in New York and has worked with international police departments for the same.
She is also a master consultant of Akashic Records. She takes international batches in training her students and make them Spiritually Sufficient. As a medium she connects with Spirits who have passed on from the earth. She trains teachers and coaches to change the phase of the mother earth through healing.
Her journey is unique, inspirational and interesting.

Manmeet, these days, is also busy in laying the foundation of the First Psychic academy in India which will change the way India is positioned on the global map with regards to Spirituality. Her first book is going to be out soon.

She has worked with personalities like Liza Ray, actress and model, Stanam Kaur from BBC, Neelam Kumar, author, cancer survivor and social influencer, last but not the least Bibha Rani, author, cancer survivor, poetess and social influencer. Manmeet conducts reformation programmes for hardened criminals and inmates in jails of Haryana. She also conducts transformational seminars for senior polices officers and their teams in Delhi NCR. She works with cancer patients free of cost for their alternate treatment. She has conducted Mega Cancer Healing events with senior & leading doctors on the panel for 3 consecutive years.

She has been awarded and accredited many times for her selfless work for the society. She has a following of over 49k in Delhi NCR.

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